• July 6, 2022
  • OCPA to Vote on Changing Leadership; Participating Cities Continue Probe

    Orange County’s beleaguered clean energy agency, which was widely condemned in an OC Grand Jury (OCGJ) Report last week for hiring unqualified leadership and a cascade of other related failures, could clean house on Wednesday, June 29, 2022. Given the recent findings of the Grand Jury Report, some speculate the employees at issue are CEO […]

OCPA Plans 5.5% Rate Increase

News of a potential change in leadership at the Irvine-led OC Power Authority (OCPA) this week comes as OCPA has also disclosed a 5.5% rate increase that will take effect in July 2023 due to requirements in its credit agreement.  Activists warned about the risk of future rate increases due to terms in its credit […]

Agenda-Setting “Rule of 2” Policy To Become Even More Restrictive Under Tammy Kim’s Proposal

Don’t be fooled by Irvine Councilmember Tammy Kim’s proposed change to the “Rule of Two”, the policy that requires at least one other councilmember to second a proposed item in order for it to be placed on the city agenda. It is no secret that councilmembers Tammy Kim, Mike Carroll, Anthony Kuo and Mayor Farrah […]

Mike Carroll Wants to Take Away Our Power to Elect the Mayor [Opinion]

If you value your right to vote for Mayor of Irvine every two years, be sure to exercise that right in this November’s general election. If Mike Carroll gets his way, it will be your last time voting for Mayor. Furthermore, the person who wins that election could serve as mayor for up to 12 […]

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