• March 1, 2024

Woodbury Families’ Requests for Stop Sign at Great Lawn & Hallmark Agendized

At the upcoming City Council meeting on February 27, Councilmember Tammy Kim has formally requested the city to review the installation of stop signs at the intersection of Great Lawn and Hallmark in the village of Woodbury. This request stems from numerous appeals by community members dating back to 2010, for additional traffic control measures […]

Jeffrey/Alton Parkway Road Intersection Widenings

Under the Consent Calendar on the February 27th City Council meeting, staff is asking City Council to award the construction contract to Sully-Miller Contracting, the lowest bidder to complete a road widening of Jeffrey/Alton. This project was approved by City Council in April 2022 and is funded through NITM (North Irvine Transportation Mitigation) program, a […]

Opinion: We Need to Update Bicycle Parking Minimums

I want to thank the Planning Commission’s consideration for updating bicycle parking minimum requirements. I would like to ask the Commission to consider the following in its discussion: The implementation of bicycle parking minimums for (multi-family) residential uses that are currently lacking in the code. The regulation of short-term bicycle rack types to more practical […]

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