• July 20, 2018

Irvine Watchdog Highlights (Lowlights) from July 10th Council!

Words are powerful things.  These comments from our Mayor and Council really give us some perspective on where we rank as voters, citizens and residents.

More Residents Speak Out

Over three hours of testimony to Council like this Irvine resident above, who is asking the right questions. “Why do we have to bring this motion [Lalloway] forward again when the voters have already spoken?” “Mayor Don Wagner and Councilwoman Christina Shea – my donations that were thanking you all for your time, are not […]

Wanted! Irvine Mayor!!!

*YEAR    MAYOR 1988     AGRAN 1990     SHERIDAN 1992     WARD 1994     WARD 1996     SHEA 1998     SHEA  2000     AGRAN 2002     AGRAN 2004     KROM 2006     KROM  2008     KANG 2010     KANG 2012     CHOI 2014 […]

Council Member Melissa Fox and Suppression of First Amendment

POWERFUL public comment by an Irvine Watchdog!