• November 30, 2020
  • Irvine’s Election: Forget About Blue or Red…How Did Another Color Do?

    By Wesley Oliphant – Like most things, an election can be seen in different ways. Of course, most are analyzing the recent election in terms of the Blue and Red divide. Why did the Democrats not do as well as predicted? Is Trump and his particular brand of politics finished? However, another color to consider […]

Opinion: Mike Carroll‘s Ruse, Corruption, and Stealing of an Election  

By Katherine Daigle – Precisely three weeks after election night, Vice Mayor Mike Carroll is in a hurry to legitimize his appropriation of taxpayers’ money – if the fiasco of November 3rd wasn’t enough to taunt the democratic fabric of our country, this news only adds to the utter minimizing of political ethics. We’re talking […]

Presiding City Council to Decide Operating Rules for the Next City Council

Will any member of the City Council be allowed to place an item on the City Council meeting agenda or will the 2019 policy prohibiting this freedom stay in effect? Agenda Item 6.5: Mayor-Elect Farrah Khan and Councilmember Anthony Kuo have placed a last-minute item on this Tuesday’s packed Special Council Meeting agenda. They are […]

“Budget Adjustment” as Partial Payment of Vice Mayor Mike Carroll’s Campaign Mailer Debt

Will all future councilmembers be allowed to reshuffle their budgets as they see fit if this precedent is set?  At the request of Vice Mayor Mike Carroll, the City Manager has placed an item on the Consent Agenda asking the City Council to approve a “budget adjustment” at the City Council Special Meeting this Tuesday, […]

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