• September 21, 2018

September 30, 5-7pm, Irvine High School

Meet the candidates and hear them talk about issues concerning you!



8/27/18–Irvine Green Ribbon Committee Meeting Notes–Part II, Committee Reorganization and Work Plan

Green Ribbon Committee Work Plan and Reorganization The Irvine Green Ribbon Committee discussed three topics at the 8-27-2018 Green Ribbon Committee meeting. These three topics were Urban Forestry in Irvine, the Green Ribbon Committee work plan and reorganization, and selection of professional service companies to provide an updated Irvine strategic energy plan and a Community […]

How Irvine Watchdog Came To Be

Where did Irvine Watchdog come from? Why did it form? Put simply, recent actions by some aggressive developers, anonymous sources, and a number of complicit city council members left many of us frustrated and outraged. We met each other through campaigns such as Irvine for Responsible Growth and recruited like-minded residents to our rapidly growing […]

Call for Questions

Irvine Watchdog is hosting a candidate forum at Irvine High School on September 30th, 2018. (Read details here). Residents are invited to submit questions for candidates. (9/20/18 Update. Question submission is closed) Submit questions to candidates We want to make sure the questions asked reflect the voters’ interests. You may submit a question you would […]

How Much Affordable Housing is There in Irvine?

How much affordable housing is there in Irvine? It is a simple question. Or is it? Consider as well that if a politician were to say “There is plenty of affordable housing in Irvine”, we think we know what this means. Why? We believe we understand the question as well as the hypothetical politician’s statement […]