• June 13, 2024

2045 General Plan Update: 10 Facts

Irvine has been working on its General Plan Update to incorporate statutory requirements that have occurred since the General Plan was last updated in 2000. The update takes into consideration changes in State law and our Housing Element which was reviewed by a previous Planning Commission and adopted by the City Council in May 2022. […]

City Council Attendance Report Card

As the saying goes, showing up is half the battle. When it comes to elected office, the voters expect their representatives to be present, on time, and in person. A missed Council meeting or vote on the dais could be the difference maker in enacting important city policy for Irvine’s 310,000+ residents and beyond. Irvine […]

Opinion: Councilmember Mike Carroll’s Townhall Highlights Leadership Concerns and Community Tensions

A recent Townhall convened by Councilmember Mike Carroll has sparked debate and highlighted issues of leadership and community representation within our local council. The event, originally intended to discuss upcoming planning commission decisions, turned contentious, shedding light on concerns of bullying and exclusionary behavior. Councilmember Carroll’s management of the Townhall has come under scrutiny. Despite […]

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