• May 29, 2024

Mayoral Candidates

CandidateWebsiteOfficial Statement
Katherine Daiglehttps://www.katherinedaigle.com/https://irvinewatchdog.org/katherine-daigle-candidate-statement-2018/
Ed Popehttps://voteforedpope.com/https://irvinewatchdog.org/ed-pope-candidate-statement-2018/
Donald Wagner (incumbent)http://votedonwagner.comhttps://irvinewatchdog.org/donald-wagner-official-statement-2018/

City Council Candidates

CandidateWebsiteOfficial Statement
Kev Abazajianhttp://www.kevforcouncil.com/https://irvinewatchdog.org/kev-abazajian-candidate-statement/
Gang Chenhttp://www.gangchenusa.com/https://irvinewatchdog.org/gang-chen-candidate-statement-2018/
David Cheyhttp://davidchey.orghttps://irvinewatchdog.org/david-chey-candidate-statement-2018/
Farrah Khanhttps://www.electfarrah.org/https://irvinewatchdog.org/farrah-khan-candidate-statement-2018/
Lauren Johnson-Norrishttp://www.laurenforirvine.com/https://irvinewatchdog.org/lauren-johnson-norris-candidate-statement-2018/
Anthony Kuohttp://www.anthonykuo.org/https://irvinewatchdog.org/anthony-kuo-candidate-statement-2018/
Frank McGillhttps://voteformcgill.com/https://irvinewatchdog.org/frank-mcgill-candidate-statement-2018/
Mark Newgenthttps://www.mark4irvine.com/https://irvinewatchdog.org/mark-newgent-candidate-statement-2018/
Carrie O'Malleyhttp://carrieforirvine.com/https://irvinewatchdog.org/carrie-omalley-candidate-statement-2018/
John Parkhttp://johnparkforcitycouncil.com/https://irvinewatchdog.org/john-park-candidate-statement-2018/
Dr. Lee Sunhttps://www.voteleesun.org/https://irvinewatchdog.org/liqing-lee-sun-candidate-statement-2018/
Jaci Woodshttps://voteforwoods.com/https://irvinewatchdog.org/jaci-woods-candidate-statement-2018/

Irvine Unified School District Candidates

CandidateWebsiteCurrent positionStatement
Ilya TseglinNone providedTutorNo statement
Jean Anne Turnerhttps://voteforturner.com/Retired Irvine Teacher"I ask for your vote to become your new School Board member, representing ""Area 2"" which includes University Park, the southern half of Woodbridge and Westpark.
Many of Irvine's older schools - some neglected for years - are in Area 2. I want to be your representative to make sure that the School Board allocates resources fairly, improving our older schools, and equipping every child in Irvine with the knowledge and skills to succeed in life.
I know what it takes. I am a classroom teacher. I have lived in University Park since 1971, and taught for many years at Rancho San Joaquin Middle School. I spent 36 years as a frontline classroom teacher, and was twice honored - in 1988 and again in 2000 - as Irvine Middle School Teacher of the Year. I also served multiple terms as an officer in the Irvine Teachers Association.
Now, I want to extend my service and bring my experience to the School Board in order to address issues of real concern, for example: school transportation; school security; and modernization of our schools and curriculum.
Isn't it time to put a teacher on the School Board? Again, I ask for your vote."
Sharon Wallin (Incumbent)https://www.sharonwallin.com/Governing Board Member, Irvine Unified School District"I am honored and privileged to serve as President of Irvine Unified School District Board of Education. I love our Irvine community and value our exceptional schools. Nationally recognized for educational excellence and safety, Irvine’s schools are the primary reason people live in Irvine. My children attended our schools, and their children attend Irvine schools.
Irvine Unified School District is experiencing substantial growth and change. As a 40-year resident of Woodbridge, and having served four terms on the Board of Education, I will provide continuity, a vast knowledge base, and an unparalleled historical perceptive.
I believe in:
Protecting and expanding programs in music, art, career/college preparation, and STEM
Efficient use of taxpayer dollars with complete transparency
Attracting and retaining the best educators
Ensuring equity among all schools, old and new
A balance of academic, physical and emotional well-being for all students
I have devoted decades to public education in leadership roles at the state, county and local levels.
Parents, community members, alumni and teachers have trusted me as a Board Member for the past 16 years, observing my passion and problem-solving approach to governing. I promise to continue making decisions that enable all students to be successful."


Irvine Ranch Water District Candidates

NameWebsiteCurrent PositionStatement
Doug Reinhart (incumbent)Director, Irvine Ranch Water District"As Board President I have focused on ensuring all of our customers have an abundant supply of high quality drinking water. I’m proud of the District’s long standing record of having among the lowest water and wastewater rates in the county while continuously improving services and reliability.
During my 14 year tenure with the Board I have served as its President and chaired the Engineering and Operations Committee among other key assignments including the Finance and Personnel and the Supply Reliability Committees.
Throughout this period I have worked diligently to maximize the use of recycled water, increase our conservation efforts, develop new sources of supply while protecting our environment.
My professional experience includes 40 years in the water/ wastewater field as a Civil Water Engineer giving me a unique understanding of the issues and challenges associated with providing this critical service to our community.
I pledge my continued commitment to providing you, our customers, with a secure, reliable source of water to meet future needs and a transparent water district that invests and spends your ratepayer dollars wisely.
I trust I have earned your vote."
Steve Lamar (incumbent)Director, Irvine Ranch Water District"Making sure you have the safest and most reliable water supply at the lowest price is my highest priority as a current board member of IRWD.
We are constructing a Biosolids and Energy Recovery Project that will save customers over $200 million in the next 20 years. We are also installing state-of-the-art Tesla batteries to build the nation’s largest water agency energy storage project. This will save our customers at least $500,000 per year for 10 years, keeping your water and sewer rates the lowest in Orange County. These projects also reduce demands and improve the reliability of our regional electric grid.
Because the answers to our water and environmental challenges extend beyond IRWD’s borders, I am active as Vice President of the Association of California Water Agencies. There I advocate for wildfire reduction programs, improved atmospheric river forecasting, and improved water storage to be ready to meet future water needs in Orange County. I currently volunteer as President of the Natural Communities Coalition, which protects 37,000 acres of local habitat and endangered species. If re-elected, I will continue to provide you with a state-of-the-art water and sewer system in a healthy environment."
Andrew R. Pollardhttp://www.pollardforwater.com/Civil Engineer"I am a licensed civil engineer with professional experience in the delivery of complex public infrastructure projects. I earned my M.S. in hydrology and water resources engineering from UCLA, and my B.S. in hydrology and water policy from UCSB.
My professional experience has ranged from serving as an engineer on multi-million dollar construction projects, to serving as a management consultant on some of the largest infrastructure projects in the US. In this capacity, I have obtained certification as a certified fraud examiner and have been trained to identify and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.
IRWD has established itself as one of the premier water districts in Southern California; however, there remains room for improvement. Rates can be lower, and efficiency can be improved – but this all begins from the top down. IRWD needs leadership from qualified professionals who are actively engaged in industry, and are up-to- date on the latest leading practices.
I’m confident that my experience, education, and desire to serve our community will help keep IRWD great for years to come. It’s time for change on the IRWD board, and I look forward to serving as your director."
Richard A. VanziniDesigner ManagerNo statement
Peer A. Swan (incumbent)Director, Irvine Ranch Water District"As a Director of the Irvine Ranch Water District for the past 38 years, I have played a large role in making the District a nationally recognized leader. We pioneered the use of recycled water, promoted water conservation, funded a program to help replace plant and equipment, and adopted an innovative and low cost bond financing program.
IRWD has gone from 95% dependency on expensive imported water to where more than 80% of our water is local, more reliable and less costly.
I spearheaded the creation of the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary where urban runoff is naturally treated, while providing needed habitat and accessible public open space.
I was a Founding Director and Chairman for four years of the National Water Research Institute promoting increased research to improve water quality.
We have achieved this high level of service and reliability while maintaining rates that are by far the lowest in the County.
You have my continued commitment to keep the District an innovative leader dedicated to providing quality service that is reasonably priced and environmentally sensitive and consistent with the high standards of the community we live in.
Please Re-elect Peer Swan

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