Wanted! Irvine Mayor!!!

1988     AGRAN
1990     SHERIDAN
1992     WARD
1994     WARD
1996     SHEA
1998     SHEA 
2000     AGRAN
2002     AGRAN
2004     KROM
2006     KROM 
2008     KANG
2010     KANG
2012     CHOI
2014     CHOI
2016     WAGNER  
* Beginning  with the June 1988 election Mayors were directly elected by the voters of the City for 2-year terms
Irvine residents:  We are getting ready to elect our 9th Mayor and we thought it would be fun to put a profile together of what we want to see in the next Mayor in the hopes of getting the best field of mayoral candidates for the November 2018 election!  The mayor is the highest ranking municipal officer in the city. Our city is evolving and we should be continuously raising the bar since it was June of 1988 that Irvine mayors were directly elected by the voters for 2-year terms.  The list above gives us some history. So…


What characteristics do you want to see in our next mayor?  We’ve got a few, like transparency, honesty, and accountability, but want to hear from others.  Please post your thoughts and keep it civil.  It takes a village, and we want to hear from everyone.  Our number #1 priority is quite simple – show us you want the job.  Run like you mean it. Actually, campaign and don’t just rely on developer money to tell your story.  Talk to everyone and get their perspective. Listen and don’t fake it.

The filing period for Mayor begins Monday, July 16, 2018, and closes at 5 p.m. on Friday, August 10, 2018. Let the race begin!