How Anthony Kuo funds his Campaign? Approve Your Funder’s Projects!

Irvine Planning Commissioner Anthony Kuo is hosting a fundraiser for his IRVINE City Council race in a home in Newport Beach.  While other council candidates have been pounding the pavement, speaking to constituents and raising money from the residents and citizens of Irvine, Anthony Kuo is employing a different strategy.  Over the last year or so, he is busy approving projects for people who will ultimately fund his campaign….or, was it the other way around?  Was there a promise of funding conditional on the approval of the projects?  We will never know, but consider the approvals below and compare them to the Host List of the Newport Beach fundraiser and draw your own conclusions:

Peter Cao  Camphor

Sean Cao   Great Far East Co.

THE LANDMARK PROJECT  – Planning Comm approval JUNE 15, 2017

Alethea Hsu   Pres, Diamond Jamboree Ltd.

DIAMOND JAMBOREE  – Planning Comm approval MAY, 17, 2018

Charlie Zhang   HQ for Pacific Symphony & The Musical Arts & Education Center

This applicant went before the Planning Comm.  2X.  The first time for approval to use a building for the center.  The applicant then went before the Planning Commission on April 6, 2017, for “sign program administrative relief” which allowed them to use an electronic signage board for the new arts center.

Mike Riedel, Wild Rivers – Agreement was established around June 2017.