• November 29, 2021

How Much Affordable Housing is There in Irvine?

How much affordable housing is there in Irvine? It is a simple question. Or is it? Consider as well that if a politician were to say “There is plenty of affordable housing in Irvine”, we think we know what this means. Why? We believe we understand the question as well as the hypothetical politician’s statement […]

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9/6/18 PLANNING COMMISSION NOTES By Susan Sayre Highlights: Veteran’s Cemetery site staff reports were requested by this 9/6/18 meeting, but the reports are delayed because the studies require more time to complete. The studies will be presented to the commission as soon as “feasible”. What ….no public parks in IBC developments? Irvine Parkland Requirement for […]

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Announcing Candidate List for the Sept 30th Forum

Irvine Watchdog is proud to announce the lineup for the Sept 30th candidate forum. Invitations were extended to every candidate for City Council and we have received email confirmations from the following candidates: Kev Abazajian                      Gang Chen Lauren Johnson-Norris         Farrah Khan Liqing […]

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Irvine: Transparency, Accountability, Honesty

Dear Irvine residents,     Hope to see you on Sunday, September 30th for the Irvine City Council Candidates Debate. There are 2 open seats, and 12 candidates running. Given that most recent council decisions on important issues have been decided 3-2, this is a critical election cycle. Please join us for what will prove to be […]

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8/27/18 – Irvine Green Ribbon Committee Meeting Report, Part I, Urban Forestry in Irvine

Urban Forestry in Irvine An urban forest is a natural resource composed of all trees on public and private property within the City limit and sphere of influence.The benefits of trees are as follows: They provide shade, which will reduce energy costs. (Research shows that trees can reduce energy costs used to cool buildings by […]

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