1/15/19 Transportation Commission Meeting Highlights

Present were: Carrie O’Malley (Wagner), Christine Knowland (Kuo), Ken Montgomery (Fox) and Steve Greenberg (Shea); Avinder Chawla (Khan) was absent.

Staff Presentation of Transit and Active Transportation overview by Mike Davis

Irvine public transportation consists of rail (Amtrak, Metrolink), OCTA inter and intra city bus routes, iShuttle which is developing new routes for Great Park and South of the Spectrum, OC Access.  There are studies being made on expanding transportation from UCI to the Spectrum, to the Global Village and to Great Park Neighborhoods and special events.  Irvine is looking at OC Flex, an on-demand Uber/Lift type of transportation service which is currently available in Huntington Beach. It was reported that there is a city-wide bicyclist, motorist and pedestrian safety education program with public outreach that includes maps of pedestrian and bikeways with safety message signs.

Montgomery asked for the safety education to emphasize the use of rearview mirror attachments for bicycle helmets.

Traffic Engineering 101 presentation by Mark Ha

Traffic engineering department is responsible for signals monitoring and management, traffic management and management support responding to emergency conditions. The city is exploring Intelligent Transportation System Technology and is installing Yellow Blinking Yield turn signal systems. O’Malley asked that the Traffic engineering department devise an emergency evacuation plan for each of the Irvine quadrants.

Carrie O’Malley was elected as Chair and Steve Greenberg was elected Vice Chair of the Commission.

Commissioner O’Malley gave public comment on minute approval of the 11/10/18 meeting regarding the agenda item on evaluation reports on the ARDA and Golf Course sites for the Veteran’s Cemetery.

O’Malley reported that the commission had voted on approving the Golf Course site when the agenda item called for submission of the staff evaluation of both sites, not a vote on site preference.  According to O’Malley, transportation commission decisions are not based on staff evaluations, but on traffic studies performed by outside agencies. O’Malley claimed that because the agenda item did not state that the commission would vote on the site, the public was not given notice and thus was not given the opportunity to give input on the decision.  O’Malley moved to not approve the minutes. Knowland did not vote on the matter as she was not on the commission at the time.  Greenberg and Montgomery did not agree.  It was decided that the minutes would be approved with O’Malley’s comment added as an addendum for public record.

Note: February 7 Planning Commission will have the Veteran’s Cemetery ARDA and Golf Course sites on the agenda.

City of Irvine Mobility Report Card presented by Mark Linsenmayer, Director of Transportation

The traffic circulation assessment notes increase in speed on major corridors, and there is an increase in miles driven. There has been an increase in number of traffic signals.  There have been 400 accidents on major corridors.

Public Comments:  Two public comments noted traffic problems on Campus Drive with regards to speed and other forms of unsafe and inappropriate driving and unsafe bicycle use.  Commenters want improved police traffic enforcement and a roadway safety campaign. Commenter asked for signals synchronization to be adjusted to real time traffic flow rather than blinking yellow yield left hand turn lanes that pose a public safety hazard.