New Electronic Freeway Sign & 178 Residential Units in IBC

Stephen Huang
Christine Knowland
Dustin Nirschl
Jeff Pierson
Greg Smith

On February 6, 2020 the Planning Commission unanimously approved the following items. To see the entire Planning Commission agenda click here.

FivePoint Electronic Message Center Freeway Sign

FivePoint Communities Management’s application for an Electronic Message Center (“EMC”) freeway sign for advertising on-premise events and establishments within Planning Area 51, excluding the County’s 100 acres, was unanimously approved. Planning Area 51 includes the Great Park Neighborhoods, the Orange County Great Park, FivePoint Amphitheatre, Great Park Ice & FivePoint Arena, FivePoint X mixed-use commercial center, and FivePoint Gateway.

The sign will be located on the north side of the I-5 freeway near Bake Parkway on a site being used temporarily for agricultural purposes. The two-sided sign structure is 54 foot high by 108 foot wide with an integrated Electronic Message Center (EMC) that will operate 24/7. The EMC wraps around three sides of the sign structure.

The City of Irvine has the right to use the digital screen for eight weeks per year to promote citywide events. The City has a provision for all sign types preventing pricing information, political messages, or references to depiction of obscene acts, gestures or words, sales of alcohol or tobacco products, sales or use of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia. The Commission added two conditions to this sign approval:

  1. Prohibiting the advertisement of marijuana; and
  2. Adding some kind of identification of “Irvine” on the sign.

Electronic Message Center signs exist throughout the city. This new sign will be larger than The Irvine Spectrum Center and the Irvine Auto Center freeway signs. Various schools throughout the city also utilize this type of sign, but on a much smaller scale. Click here to view the staff presentation for this item.

178 Unit Apartment Building located at 2055 Main Street in the Irvine Business Complex

The  Commission unanimously approved minor changes related to a previously approved (2016) apartment development located in the Irvine Business Complex. The 5-story residential apartment building with a 6-level parking structure will have 178 units with 19 affordable units. The minor changes have to do with modifying the buildings exterior design and on-site recreational amenities. The City will receive park in-lieu fees estimated to be $2,040,000. The fees are for the projects park requirements. Construction expected to start soon.