Dirty Politics: Another Anonymous Political Mailer Sent to Irvine Residents

Irvine residents have again reported receiving anonymous political mail attacking Councilman Larry Agran. The postcard shown above is the second mailer sent anonymously in recent weeks. As previously reported by the Irvine Watchdog, an earlier mailer was received by a number of residents in September.

The prior mailer promoted what it called the “Irvine Four”, which are all of the current city council members except for Councilman Agran. Like the postcard above, the prior mailer piece had the same unusual wording of “Our Friends” on the address label, indicating a possible connection.

Who is Behind the Mailers?

The individuals or organizations behind these mailers failed to disclose their identities. Hence, as the investigations continue, we can only speculate on who might most likely finance mailers like these.

Here are few questions to consider:

  • Who has the most to gain financially from preventing Agran’s re-election?
  • What special interests have a history of dirty money and these kinds of shady campaign tactics in Irvine elections?
  • What political candidate or campaigns might have an interest in diminishing Agran early in the 2022 election cycle?

These Mailers Lack Transparency and May Violate the Law

The most recent mailer is another possible violation of the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Political Reform Act. The FPPC requires disclosures on mailers like this one to “promote transparency in government and to foster public trust in the political system.”

The Transparency organization Open Secrets writes, “Citizens who are barraged with political messages paid for with money from undisclosed sources may not be able to consider the credibility and possible motives of the wealthy corporate or individual funders behind those messages.”

Help Promote Disclosure

If you receive an anonymous political mailer, please take a picture of it front and back and send it to the Irvine Watchdog for investigation and reporting.