• June 14, 2024

[NEW SERIES] Ethical Lines Blurred or Crossed? The Story of Misappropriated Tax Dollars by Councilmember Mike Carroll

The Irvine Watchdog will be starting a new series titled, Ethical Lines Blurred or Crossed, presenting real life situations that our city has or is facing pertaining to our current City Councilmembers, and then asking our readers to be the judge. The series begins with the story uncovered by the Voice of OC in September […]

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Opinion: In The Hands Of The Few – Once Again City Council Votes To Deny Full Council Representation.

Each City Council member should be equally able to participate in the City Council’s decision making process.  Council members should also be equally responsible for representing the interest of the City of Irvine and Irvine residents, not only during City Council meetings, but also on the various city and outside agency boards, committees and task […]

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OCPA to Vote on Generous Executive Benefits and Set Electricity Rates January 11th

On Tuesday, January 11th, the OC Power Authority (OCPA) board of directors is expected to consider a personnel policy with generous benefits for CEO Brian Probolsky and other executives that will be paid for by Irvine taxpayers and borrowed credit for the first few years of the program. The benefits exceed those of other Community […]

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