Upcoming City Council Meeting Agenda

Highlights from the upcoming City Council agenda:


All matters listed under Consent Calendar are considered by the City Manager to be routine and will be enacted by one roll call vote. There will be no discussion of these items unless a member of the City Council or the public request specific items to be removed from the Consent Calendar for separate discussion.

Item 2.6 Adopting Amendments to the Memoranda of Understanding and Employment Resolutions

The Staff Memo reads in part,

“…the current update seeks to provide twelve months of onsite shift differential pay for employees who are ineligible to telecommute or employees who choose not to telecommute. Per the proposed plan, full-time employees unable to work remotely would be provided with a $250 / month pay differential, while extended part-time employees unable to engage in remote work would be provided with a $125 / month pay differential.”

Financial Impact: The cost of providing this benefit for one year is approximately $1,886,970.


Item 2.8 Jamboree Road and Main Street Intersection Enhancements Project

Proposed Project at the Jamboree Road/Main Street Intersection:

  • Convert the existing eastbound free right-turn lane to two dedicated right turn lanes with a right-turn arrow overlap phase to run concurrent with the northbound left-turn movement (hence removing the pedestrian island on the southwest corner)
  • Extend the dual eastbound left-turn lanes
  • Extend the dual westbound left-turn lanes
  • Extend the dual southbound left-turn lanes
  • Convert the existing northbound free right-turn lane to a dedicated right turn lane with a right-turn arrow overlap phase to run concurrent with the westbound left-turn movement (hence removing the pedestrian island on the southeast corner)
  • Main Street/Park Plaza
  • Remove one eastbound left-turn lane in order to extend the westbound left-turns approaching Main Street
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements
  • Add striping and channelization of bike lanes on approach and receiving lanes of the intersection o Reduce crossing length on southerly, westerly, and easterly leg

Fiscal ImpactOverall total Project cost of $2.6 million


Item 2.10 Second Reading and Adoption of Ordinance No. 22-02 Revising and Modifying The Municipal Code as It Relates to Public Meetings and Public Records

At the City Council meeting on March 22, 2022, the council voted to move the start of council meetings to 5 p.m., with public comments at the start of the meeting. Speakers will be allowed three minutes to speak on agenda items and another three minutes for non-agenda items.

Special meeting notices were reduced from the current five-day notice period to the minimum 24-hour notice time allowed under state law. The council also agreed to reduce the notice period for council agenda’s from the current 12 days to seven days.

In addition to these changes, the current proposal also includes restrictions on public comments. The Staff Report for Item 2.10 reads in part,

“Each person who addresses the City Council shall do so in an orderly manner and shall not make personal, impertinent, slanderous or profane remarks to any member of the City Council, staff or general public. Any person who makes such remarks, or who utters loud, threatening, personal or abusive language, or engages in any other disorderly conduct which disrupts, disturbs or otherwise impedes the orderly conduct of any City Council meeting shall, at the discretion of the presiding officer or a majority of the City Council, be barred from further addressing the City Council at the meeting.”


Item 2.12 Second Reading and Adoption of Ordinance No. 22-04 Establishing Parking Regulations For The Purpose Of Street Sweeping

Note: This item will allow the city to ticket vehicles parked on the street during posted street sweeping days and times.

The staff memo reads in part,

“No parking or standing during street sweeping. No operator of any motor vehicle, and no person who owns or has possession, custody or control of any vehicle shall stop, stand or park such vehicle upon any street in the city that is designated as to days and times for street sweeping during the time period parking is prohibited for street sweeping.”


PUBLIC HEARINGS                                                                                                                                               

Item 3.1 Adoption of an Ordinance of the City Council of The City Of Irvine, California, Adding Chapter 1 of Division 23 of Title 4 to the Irvine Municipal Code Establishing Rules for the Irvine Police Department’s Acquisition and Use of Military Equipment

The staff Memo reads in part,

“Public Safety is seeking City Council approval to continue using military equipment as defined by AB 481 that was acquired prior to January 1, 2022. Public Safety is also seeking City Council \approval to obtain additional equipment in the future. All current and future equipment will adhere to the requirements of the new ordinance.”



 Item 4.2 Consideration of A Request by Mayor Khan and Councilmember Kim To Explore Nepotism Policies as it Relates to the Appointments of City Commissions, Committees, and Other Similar Governing Bodies

The Staff Memo reads in part,

“Direct the City Attorney to prepare a comprehensive anti-nepotism regulation as it relates to the City Council Member appointments of commissioners, committees, and other similar governing bodies.”

How to Participate in the City Council Meeting:

Starting this meeting, all public comments will be heard at the beginning of the meeting. Members of the public are allowed 3 minutes per agenda item and 3 minutes for non-agenda items. 

The agenda reads,

“Public comments on non-agendized items will be heard no sooner than 5 p.m. Any member of the public may address the City Council on items within the City Council’s subject matter jurisdiction but which are not listed on this agenda; however, no action may be taken on matters that are not part of the posted agenda.”

Watch: City Council meetings are broadcast live on ICTV, Cox Communications Local Access Channel 30 and AT&T U-Verse Channel 99, and livestreamed online at cityofirvine.org/ictv

Public Comments: You can make you comment in person or via Zoom, email them to clerk@cityofirvine.org; or submit an e-comment at cityofirvine.org/ictv