About Us

Irvine Watchdog is an independent, completely resident-run volunteer organization
with no political party affiliation and no financial ties to any developers.

We have volunteers from the entire political spectrum, old and new residents,
homeowners and renters, retirees and young adults, and each of our perspectives is unique.
Individually, we hold differing points of view, styles of writing and interests,
but we are united about one thing:
we care about Irvine and want to make sure
our local government represents us

We strive for transparency, honesty, and accountability
within both our city and our group and hope to be a trusted, unbiased,
and factual source of news for all concerned with the welfare of our city.

Our elected officials and their appointees must operate openly, and residents should have access to all information about the municipality they live in.

Our elected officials and their appointees must take responsibility for all of their
words and actions.

Our elected officials and their appointees must be truthful and forthright about their
motivations and agendas.

Join us!

Anyone can submit an op-ed or post that follows these guidelines: