About Us

Irvine Watchdog is an independent, nonprofit publication. We are a 100% volunteer-run publication with no political party affiliation and no ties to special interests or any elected official.

We have volunteers from the entire political spectrum, old and new residents, homeowners and renters, retirees and young adults, and each of our perspectives is unique. Individually, we hold differing points of view and styles of writing and interests, but we are united about one thing:

We care about Irvine and want to make sure our local government represents us. 

We strive for transparency, honesty, and accountability within both our city and our group and hope to be a trusted, unbiased, and factual source of news for all concerned with the welfare of our city.

Our elected officials and their appointees must operate openly, and residents should have access to all information about the municipality they live in.

Our elected officials and their appointees must take responsibility for all of their words and actions.

Our elected officials and their appointees must be truthful and forthright about their motivations and agendas.



Our Team

Irvine Watchdog is a 100% volunteer effort. Irvine Watchdog welcomes news and opinion articles from community members. 

Irvine Watchdog was founded in May 2018 by Irvine residents Jeanne Baran, Judith Gass, Karen Jaffe, Thomas Kwon and Susan Sayre.

Executive Board
Christopher Wong, Chair
Judith Gass, Treasurer

Social Media Moderators

Jeremy Ficarola

Josh Moore

Judith Gass
Christopher Wong

Web Developer
Thomas Kwon

Public Relations
Christopher Wong

Disclosure of Possible Conflicts
Volunteers must be sensitive to possible conflicts and must disclose the information in their bio, which is found at the end of every article, or elsewhere in the article they writ




Anyone can submit an opinion or news post for consideration that follows these guidelines. Submissions may be edited for clarity and content by the Editorial Board and published with final approval from contributors.

Editorial Board
Judith Gass
Susan Sayre
Christopher Wong

Opinion Articles
Opinion articles are from the community and contain opinions held by the author which do not necessarily represent the views of Irvine Watchdog. Gass



We value transparency and therefore all our articles will have a byline of the author. For those who wish to comment on an article, we require the same courtesy and ask that you use your real name to foster transparency, accountability and promote civil discourse.