Irvine Watchdog Editorial Board

The Irvine Watchdog Editorial Board will periodically publish editorials on issues aligned with our organizational mission.

David Ehrlich has been a resident of Irvine for most of his life. David was one of the candidates chosen by then-Mayor Christina Shea to interview for the open City Council seat in 2019. He was raised here and attended IUSD schools K-12. David resides in Northpark with his wife and son.  He appreciates integrity and transparency in local government.

Richard Green is a long time Irvine resident experienced in government ethics, public policy, housing, finance, and non-profit leadership. As a Watchdog volunteer Richard monitors the Irvine City Council and the Irvine Community Land Trust and reports on issues important to Irvine residents.

Branda Lin is an Irvine native and a founding member of Irvine Watchdog. Her passion is to promote civic engagement and empower residents on local Irvine issues, and enjoys community service. She has served as an Irvine Community Services Commissioner under Farrah Khan, Irvine Children Youth Families Advisory Committee member, and a driver for Irvine’s Meals On Wheels program.

Susan Sayre is a long time Irvine resident and a founding member of Irvine Watchdog. She has watched Irvine grow and evolve for decades. Susan is involved with political oversight with a particular interest in Irvine development and regularly attends Planning Commission and City Council meetings.

The mission of Irvine Watchdog is to advocate for transparency, honesty, and accountability in Irvine government.

The Editorial Board is also responsible for reviewing submitted articles and opinion pieces and may approve, request edits, or decline submissions at its discretion.

As we continue to grow and change, we remain committed to speaking truth to power and seeking out even more diverse viewpoints and subject matter. We invite you to contribute content, comments, offer suggestions, or volunteer. To get involved click here.