• June 2, 2020


What Will Determine the Selection Process for the New City Manager & Great Park Director?

The surprise announcement via Youtube that City Manager John Russo is resigning to spend more time with family only 22 months into the job raises many questions.  Mr. Russo is Irvine’s 5th City Manager in Irvine’s forty-nine year history, and he is also the de facto Executive Director of the Orange County Great Park, after […]

Financial Aid Is Coming To Irvine’s Small Businesses

Special City Council Meeting – May 29th at 10:00AM  Agenda eComment Staff Report Agenda item 1.1:  Local Business Support Program Utilizing COVID-19 Allocation from the County Of Orange The City of Irvine is seeking authorization for City Manager John Russo, to execute the “Subrecipient Agreement” with the County of Orange for a $5,046,186 grant to […]

Tips for Evaluating Election Information

It’s election season. Irvine voters will be hit with a great deal of information. Some of it accurate, some not, some in between. To evaluate it, ask some questions:  Where is this information coming from? Who is paying for it? What do they want to accomplish? What is their track record? How transparent are they […]

City-Approved COVID-19 Testing Not Reliable

In a follow up to a letter submitted to City Attorney Jeffrey Melching, Irvine resident Robin Gurien has submitted the following statement on her Facebook page. The COVID-19 testing decision will be revisited at tomorrow’s City Council meeting.   Here is a breakdown of the concerns addressed in the above letter: No Legal Enforceable Contract […]

Increasing City Attorney Contract $45,000, Priorities for Affordable Housing, Homelessness Prevention & Service Need Grants, and COVID-19 Response Update

City Council Meeting on May 26, 2020 at 4 PM Supplemental Agenda e-Comment Watch Livestream Consent Calendar Items: Consent Items are not be presented to the public or discussed unless a board member requests discussion of the item or a member of the public submits an e-Comment or public comment regarding the agenda item. Item […]


By: Irvine Watchdog Editorial Board In another self promotional move (read The Liberal OC’s article Big Check Mike Carroll’s Dishonest Approach To 2020), Carroll directs those in need of food, prescription drugs, or other necessities to email him directly, emphasizing the importance of doing so in ALL CAPS BOLD. Shouldn’t these items be handled by […]

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