• June 20, 2019


Irvine Land Trust To Consider City Request for Transparency & Accountability

The need for more affordable housing is a no brainer. In Irvine, we have an entity called the Irvine Land Trust. The Land Trust is a nonprofit corporation funded with public assets of land and money. Big money… as in tens of millions of our tax dollars, and growing. It was established and funded by the […]

City Adopts Fiscal Year 2019-21 Budget, Great Park Balloon Not Grounded (Yet) and Displaying Flags

Attendance: Mayor Christina Shea Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Kuo Council-member Melissa Fox Council-member Farrah Khan Council-member Mike Carroll It was a five-hour marathon at the special joint meeting of the City Council and Great Park Board of Directors held on Tuesday, June 11, 2019. The agenda item that attracted a crowd of over 25 public […]

6/6/19 Planning Commission – The Irvine Co. Master Affordable Housing Plan Amendment

Present: Dustin Nirschl (Fox) Greg Smith (Shea) Stephen Huang (Khan) Absent: Christine Knowland (Kuo) Jeff Pierson (Carroll) The highlight of the June 6, 2019 Planning Commission meeting was The Irvine Company’s proposed realignment plan to relocate 220 residents by amending their existing Master Affordable Housing Plan document. A number of residents attended the meeting and […]

Alert! 26 Speed Limit Changes Are Coming!

News Flash! At the June 4, 2019 Transportation Commission Meeting it was announced that there will be 26 street speed limit changes on Irvine streets, 21 of which are increased speed limits and 5 are decreased speed limits. There will be no warning of speed limit changes. Speed limits can change multiple times on the […]

Voter’s Choice Act – A New Way To Vote

Photo: Secretary of State Alex Padilla at the Irvine Civic Center for the “Roadshow to Vote Centers 2020” launch. Thanks to the Voter’s Choice Act, an exciting new way to vote is on the way. The OC Registrar of Voters is planning extensive outreach efforts to educate us on this new voting experience. A series […]

Irvine Company Affordable Housing Realignment Plan Up for Approval

Planning Commission | June 6th, 5:30 pm. The Irvine Company Affordable Housing Realignment Plan  The Planning Commission  (6/6, 5:30 pm) will consider a request from the Irvine Company to amend its master affordable housing plan for several planning areas. The proposed modification will permanently move and relocate a total of 220 affordable units from 14 […]