• September 21, 2023


City Council Regular Meeting Agenda – September 12th, 2023

After taking a short break, the City Council will return on Tuesday, September 12th at 4PM with a packed agenda. Here are some of the key items:  Agenda Item 3.4 – Treasurer’s Report For Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2023 The Treasurer’s Report provides a synopsis of investment activity for the City’s three investment portfolios […]

Mayor Khan Proposes Program to Accelerate Tech Growth

Mayor Farrah Khan is proposing that the City partner with venture capital firm Sunstone Management in the creation of a nonprofit entity to accelerate the growth of high-tech startups in Irvine. The proposal is Item 6.3 on the City Council agenda for Tuesday, September 12. Khan’s memo to City Manager Oliver Chi states: “In concept, […]

In Memory of Irvine Champion Mary Ann Gaido

With great sadness Irvine loses a beloved leader, a titan of excellence, and a dedicated public servant whose service spans before Irvine’s incorporation in 1971, Mary Ann Gaido. As Councilwoman in 1977, Mary Ann directed the City to purchase the Cattle Camp land in Bommer Canyon for public use. If you ever visit or hike […]

Opinion: A Vision for Irvine Transit

A recent article here on Irvine Watchdog by Joshua Moore gave a full-throated advocacy of good public transit in Irvine. That article inspired me to build on that and imagine in a concrete way what an Irvine with good public transit would look like and how we might get there. Here’s what I came up […]

Opinion: Annoyed Irvine Resident Urges No Blow for Gas Lawn Equipment. But What Will the Irvine Company and Mayor Khan Do?

“2-stroke engines [such as gas-powered lawn equipment] produce high intensity, low frequency sounds that can have a bigger negative impact on residents than the sound coming from electric lawn equipment. These negative health impacts include irritation, sleep disturbance, cognition problems, hypertension, and ischemic heart conditions. Also to consider: With more people working from home now, […]

Much Desired Food, Beverage and Retail Planned for Great Park

Irvine to Consider Ambitious Plans for Food and Beverage at Great Park The Great Park Board returns this Tuesday with a big item pertaining to Great Park food and beverage services.  City staff proposes to: Develop an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with Frontier Real Estate Investments, LLC (aka Almquist), relating to Great Park food and beverage […]

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