• April 20, 2021


Zoning Ordinance May Impact Parking Availability in Irvine’s Older Villages and Improved Cell Reception Coming to Woodbridge

The residents of Irvine’s villages have been experiencing increases in traffic and inadequate parking. Zoning ordinance upgrades and a wireless communication facility are on the agenda for the April 21, 2021 Planning Commission meeting. Agenda Item 1:  Zoning Ordinance Technical Update Though Irvine’s zoning ordinances were, and should continue to be,  created to support the […]

Kevin Shenkman Served Irvine With a Letter. Will District Elections Be Coming to Irvine?

There is a fight going on nationwide between those who want increased democracy with increased access to voting for all qualifying populations and those who would prefer if minorities’ rights to vote embedded in the hard won amendments to the constitution were effectively and efficiently revoked.  What does this have to do with Irvine? Irvine […]

Finance Commission: FY 2021-23 Budget Presentations

The Finance Commission met on Monday, April 5th, 2021, and discussed the following agenda items: Attendees: Faruk Bhagani (Appointed by Farrah Khan) Mike Genest (Appointed by Mike Carroll) Lauren Johnson-Norris (Appointed by Larry Agran) John Park (Appointed by Anthony Kuo) Magi Yang (Appointed by Tammy Kim) Minutes  Acceptance of Minutes. Motion by Bhagani, seconded by […]

Upstander Training Town Hall Responding To Hate Incidents And Hate Crimes

Irvine has been experiencing an increased number of reported hate incidents and hate crimes.  It is believed that these events are vastly underreported.  Since 2020 hate incidents and hate crimes against members of the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community have drastically increased in number. In response to the need for community support for victims of […]

The What’s What of the 2021 Irvine Green Ribbon Environmental Committee

In a previous article,* I focused on the “who” of the 2021 Irvine Green Ribbon Environmental Committee. In other words, in that article I listed the 2021 Green Ribbon Committee members. In this article, I write about what work these Green Committee members anticipate taking on. This anticipated work involves the Committee identifying big picture […]

Change Starts At Home

As Sunshine Week – a week set aside to celebrate and advocate for open government – comes to an end, it is a good time to highlight the changes that have been made by our Irvine City Council in the past few months with the new Council having been elected and having to grapple with […]

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