• October 17, 2019


Op-Ed: Protect the Irvine Village Concept in Neighborhoods Near Great Park

New neighborhoods near the northern edge of the Great Park lack village-style shopping nearby. To date, the developers have not implemented the “Irvine Village” system – in which housing, parks, schools, and shopping are all within a village. The City has a brief window of time to step in and require plans for the area […]

Great Park Board Meeting (9/24/19) – Surprises and Concerns

Great Park Board Members Present: Chair Farrah Khan Mayor Christina Shea Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Kuo Council-member Michael Carroll Council-member Melissa Fox The Great Park Board met on Tuesday, September 24, 2019. Here are the highlights: Permanent Location for FivePoint Amphitheatre A representative from Live Nation was invited to address the Great Park Board and provide an […]

Great Park Balloon, Great Park Operations Building and more!

This Tuesday, September 24, the Great Park Board and City Council will be meeting. Here are some notable items: Great Park Board Agenda http://irvine.granicus.com/GeneratedAgendaViewer.php?view_id=74&event_id=1503 The Great Park Balloon lives another month!  The Board will be voting to approve the extension of the balloon operations for an additional 30 days. The cost to extend the balloon […]

Op-Ed: Why Have A Transportation Commission If They Are Not Asked To Evaluate Traffic Impact Reports For Development Projects?

During a recent Planning Commission meeting, Vice Chair Smith voiced a notable concern. The traffic report for the development project being discussed, which was found to have an impact on traffic circulation, was never referred to the Transportation Commission for evaluation and approval. What is the purpose of the Transportation Commission if not to evaluate […]

Op-Ed: Cultural and Natural History Museum at the Great Park?

Orange County does not have a Cultural and Natural History Museum, but that may soon change. As a board member with the California Cultural Resources Preservation Alliance, Inc. (CCRPA) I am advocating for an OC Cultural and Natural History Museum in the Great Park. Our Museum Task Force has been working for several years on […]

City’s Vision For Development At The Great Park

The public should get some much needed clarity around the vision for the Great Park property at the GP Board meeting on Tuesday, September 24th. The Irvine City Council, acting as the Great Park Board, has an item on the agenda to: Discuss how the planning process is proceeding on the development of the Great […]

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