• August 25, 2019


Message to Irvine Candidates!

Calling For Courageous Candidates   Irvine residents are calling for courageous City Council and Mayoral candidates who are willing to speak out against excessive development and excessive traffic in Irvine. We want you to vow to support Irvine residents and protect our villages. We want you to vow to support affordable and low income housing […]

Veteran’s Hoovervilles v. Sanctuary Cities

In California, we have long been compassionate with the predicament surrounding illegal immigrants. We have always welcomed those that have bypassed the “system” for those looking to live the American dream, despite the fact that laws have been broken by entering the country without permission. On the surface, it appears that we go out of […]

How Anthony Kuo funds his Campaign? Approve Your Funder’s Projects!

Irvine Planning Commissioner Anthony Kuo is hosting a fundraiser for his IRVINE City Council race in a home in Newport Beach.  While other council candidates have been pounding the pavement, speaking to constituents and raising money from the residents and citizens of Irvine, Anthony Kuo is employing a different strategy.  Over the last year or […]

8/2/2018 Irvine Planning Commission Meeting Notes

Highlights More light poles to be installed throughout city for installation of small cell wireless technology in order to boost internet service in Irvine. Affordable housing for seniors in Great Park Neighborhoods designed at minimum required standards. (Susan’s comments: After the commission meeting, Patrick Strader, from Starpoint Ventures real estate developers, personally told me that […]

Great Park Update: The Case for Transparency Just Keeps Growing

We’ve all heard the stories about the mismanagement and poor planning from the early days of the Great Park project. And more recently, we are hearing about the milestones being reached. Anyone who has recently visited the Park can attest that there is much work ongoing, and headway is being made. However, residents appropriately have […]

Irvine Planning Commission Meeting to discuss Veteran’s Cemetery and Alternative Site Analysis

Resident Alert Please attend the Planning Commission Meeting tonight at City Hall. The meeting starts at 5:30 pm. The Planning Commission will be discussing all the latest developments in identifying potential sites in Irvine for the  Veterans Cemetery.