• November 20, 2019


“What’s in it for Me?” Why You Should Attend the Upcoming Candidate Forum

A candidate forum. With all the options available to us, you might ask “Why attend a City Council Candidate forum, and why particularly the one coming up this Sunday?”. First, a forum is a much better source of information on the candidates than almost any other. As we strive to be informed citizens during a […]

Announcing Irvine City Council Forum Participants

For Immediate Release Irvine Watchdog 949-354-3192 info@irvinewatchdog.org IRVINE CITY COUNCIL FORUM PARTICIPANTS [Irvine, California, 25 September 2018]  Irvine Watchdog is announcing the candidates that are participating in our Irvine City Council Candidate Forum.  Two City Council seats are up for grabs in the Council race with twelve people vying for the responsibility to represent Irvine […]

9/17/18 Irvine Finance Commission Meeting Notes–Business Donation, FEMA Grant, Fiscal Reports

Business Donation, FEMA Grant, Fiscal Reports At the 9-17-2018 Finance Commission meeting, the commissioners recommended the City Council accept a donation to Irvine’s Department of Public Safety from an Irvine-based company as well as accept a Local Hazard Mitigation Planning grant from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). In addition, the City Treasurer gave a fiscal-year-end […]

8/27/18 – Irvine Green Ribbon Committee Meeting Notes – Part III, Strategic Energy Plan and CCE

Irvine Strategic Energy Plan and Community Choice Energy The Green Ribbon Committee discussed three topics at their 8-27-2018 meeting. These three topics were Urban Forestry in Irvine, Green Ribbon Committee work plan and reorganization, and the selection of professional service companies to provide recommendations for an updated Irvine strategic energy plan and a Community Choice […]

Match the Candidate Game #7 – Who Said It?

Match the Candidate Quote 7 “I’m a lifelong resident of Irvine – or at least since my parents brought me home from Hoag Hospital.” Who said this?  Irvine “lifers” where were you born?  Is getting adequate healthcare keeping up with the pace of changes in Irvine? Need more from this candidate?  Register to attend Irvine […]

Match the Candidate Game #6 – Who Said It?

Match the Candidate Quote 6 “I am running because I am outraged that after the voters 63% mandate to restore the Veteran’s Cemetery to its original location in the Great Park and stop its replacement by massive development, the Mayor and two Council members voted otherwise.” Who said this?  The placement of the Veterans Cemetery […]

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