• April 23, 2019


Actions Speak Louder: Taking Issue with Councilwoman Fox’s Public Statement (Part 2)

This is part 2 of my response to councilwoman Fox’s recent statement to Irvine residents:   “As an Irvine City Councilmember, I have not voted for a single new entitlement or approved any new construction.” Unfortunately, this statement is inaccurate. Consider the following minutes from a regular City Council meeting on April 25th of last […]

Can developers game the system with invalid traffic studies?

I attended the 6/7/18 Planning Commission meeting. During this meeting, a development plan was presented for replacing parking places in a busy commercial center located at Main and MacArthur with a gas station and a 24 hour 7-Eleven. According to the traffic study presented for the project, the change of use for this property would […]

Actions Speak Louder: Taking Issue with Councilwoman Fox’s Statement (Part 1)

On June 12th, Irvine residents received a statement from councilwoman Melissa Fox discussing the last election and proclaiming her views. While her statement is articulate, I believe it is misleading. To understand why, consider the following key sentences from what she said compared with what she did the past few years. “The clear message sent […]

Irvine’s General Plan Update Depends on YOU

Irvine’s General Plan update is 20 years behind schedule.  This should come at no surprise given that there are no apparent consequences of approving development projects that are inconsistent with the General Plan Provisions.  The General Plan is the citizens “blueprint” for development; the guide to achieving our vision for the City. As Commissioner Smith stated […]

It’s Official! D for Defeated!!

Mr. Mayor and Council: The people have spoken. D has been defeated! WE WANT TO BE HEARD! Our voices ARE important, not just those of your campaign financiers. CONGRATULATIONS to all of the passionate, grassroots Irvinians for giving of their time and talents to contribute to this protection of our most basic of rights. What […]

Over $1.5 MILLION PAC Money …and counting for Measures B, C & D

Well over $1.5m dollars and counting has been flowing through the PAC laundering machine in support of Irvine City measures B, C & D.  Save $250 donation from the veteran’s alliance there isn’t a citizen donation in sight.  Who is representing the Citizens of Irvine?