• May 23, 2019


It’s Official! D for Defeated!!

Mr. Mayor and Council: The people have spoken. D has been defeated! WE WANT TO BE HEARD! Our voices ARE important, not just those of your campaign financiers. CONGRATULATIONS to all of the passionate, grassroots Irvinians for giving of their time and talents to contribute to this protection of our most basic of rights. What […]

Over $1.5 MILLION PAC Money …and counting for Measures B, C & D

Well over $1.5m dollars and counting has been flowing through the PAC laundering machine in support of Irvine City measures B, C & D.  Save $250 donation from the veteran’s alliance there isn’t a citizen donation in sight.  Who is representing the Citizens of Irvine?

Irvine 2035 – City of Irvine General Plan Comprehensive Update

Please plan to attend an upcoming presentation by City Staff regarding Irvine’s General Plan Update. Residents may recall taking the survey online over the last year. Staff will be presenting to multiple city Commissions June 5-7 @ 5:30p  and City Council on July 24 @ 5:00p ***NEW DATE***. The General Plan guides City Council and […]

This Article Got Me Banned from Next Door — Some Perspective on Five Point and Measure B

Hi everyone. Please note that this post is at least partly the reason why I have now been banned from Nextdoor. The neighborhood lead is Dawn Antis – she writes for the OC Register and was appointed to the Irvine Child Care Commission by Melissa Fox. I was reluctant to weigh in on this issue. […]

Make Sure Your Vote Counts! Some Advice for Mail In Ballots

From about 3% of total votes in California in 1966 to about 60% in 2016, absentee ballots have become the norm in voting. So, if you are voting this way, here is a little advice. On the City of Irvine website, it states that vote-by-mail ballots should have two stamps. Some suggest the post office […]