• June 2, 2020


What’s The Plan To Reduce Traffic?

On October 9, 20108, Irvine Watchdog volunteer Susan Sayre, addressed our city council regarding finding solutions to our traffic problems. As our city continues to grow and increase in density, we need a plan for the growing traffic problems and find experts to help come up with solutions. Thank you, Susan, for addressing this important […]

Wagner, Kuo, O’Malley: It’s Raining PAC Money

When it comes to donations, Mayor Wagner’s slate with Anthony Kuo and Carrie O’Malley has no competition. For those who haven’t seen the post Mayoral Campaign Thoughts, almost $800,000 is being funneled through political action committees (PACs) to support Mayor Wagner’s slate. To provide perspective, the average non-developer backed city council candidate actively campaigns in hopes to receive […]

10/4/18 – Irvine Planning Commission Notes

Highlights Both for Public and private parks, major changes must be approved by the Community Services Department and the use of synthetic turf is considered to be a major change that requires Community Services Commission approval. More information about the development approval process and lack of flexibility with regards to making changes in agreements for […]

City Council Candidate Forum – Questions & Answers

Did you miss our City Council Candidate Forum? Here are all the questions that were asked of the candidates along with their answers. For the questions that were answered at the mic, please listen to the answers. Round One Question #1 (Video at 10:39):  Recently we have had several villages press on our council to maintain […]

Mayoral Campaign Thoughts

Back in July, Irvine Watchdog expressed that the 2018 mayoral race should be a catalyst for civic engagement.  Fast forward to today, just four weeks until election day, and let the facts speak for themselves: Ing Tiong – (no campaign website) Mr. Tiong is on record as saying he moved to Irvine a few years ago […]

Key Takeaways from Irvine City Council Candidate Forum

Eight of the twelve City Council Candidates attended the Irvine Council Forum on Sunday, September 30th to give their positions on issues that ranged from whether Irvine should remain as a sanctuary city to how they would handle a court order mandating that 50 homeless people will need to be settled in Irvine. The candidates […]

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