• October 31, 2020


Measure D is “Shockingly UnDemocratic!”

James Troup, Park Paseo In my opinion, Irvine’s “Measure D” is a shockingly undemocratic measure. This measure prevents citizens from having a voice in future development plans within the City of Irvine. The measure is described as something that prevents any actions that might “…delay important revenue streams from development projects which provide a fiscal […]

City of Irvine Finance Commission – 21 May 2018

The City of Irvine Finance Commission held its regular meeting this week. Four of the fivecommissioners were in attendance. The two primary agenda items were the final designcontract for the Jamboree Pedestrian Bridge and the Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Budget.The commission voted 4-0 to recommend the City Council approve and authorize a professionalservices engineering contract with […]

VOTER ALERT: Irvine Watchdog urges you to vote NO on D

First, the backstory. Measure D is a question placed on the ballot by a (3-2) vote of the City Council (2/27/18) because Mayor Wagner was unhappy that voters may choose to exercise their right to petition on development projects. In this season of political mailers and purposeful confusion, Irvine residents have questions on MEASURE D. Consider some of the […]

The Irvine Police Association Supports D but Can’t Explain Why

Hello everyone. Recently, I have received large mailers stating that measure D is endorsed by the Irvine Police Association (IPA) and the local Firefighters Union. Some reasons like safety and no taxes are stated on the mailer. On the Firefighter mailer, it provides the following quote by the Union Board Member Todd Baldbridge: “Measure D […]

Who is Funding Yes on Measures C and D? It Is Important!

Two groups provided support to the Yes campaign for these Measures. The first one filed with Irvine City Clerk on May 4 is “Taxpayer’s for Ethical Government”, contributor is Building Industry Association of Southern California PAC.  Building Associations have one interest in mind.  Building.. The actual Association, detailed below, is funded separately from the PAC. […]

Christina Shea Tips the Council’s Hand

In a stunning revelation on NextDoor, Councilwoman Christina Shea reveals that the City has actually preserved the zoning on the Strawberry Fields site and duplicated it on the ARDA site!  This begs the question – “Does Irvine City Council have any intention of building a cemetery?” or are they simply going to give BOTH plots […]

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