• August 8, 2022


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Opinion: A Background Check on Irvine City Manager Finalist, Oliver Chi

Disclaimer: The following article was received anonymously and is being published as an Opinion article as decided upon by the Irvine Watchdog Editorial Board. All references have been verified for accuracy. On November 9th, Irvine City Council will consider appointing Oliver Chi as the 6th City Manager of the City of Irvine. If appointed, Chi […]

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Editorial: Oppose the Plan to Repeal Irvine’s Sunshine Ordinance

A government that wants less transparency is a government that cannot be trusted. As the saying goes, “Democracy dies in darkness.” The proposal by Vice-Mayor Tammy Kim and Council Member Mike Carroll to eliminate Irvine’s Sunshine Ordinance is a radical departure from the city’s unanimous position in favor of the ordinance just three years ago. […]

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Editorial: Discussion On Voter Representation Must Include The Voters

The City of Irvine should agendize a public discussion to consider district elections for future city council seats as soon as possible. The residents deserve a public hearing on this critical issue. The District Election demand initiated by (voting rights attorney) Kevin Shenkman has thrust the issue of voter representation to the forefront here in Irvine. While […]

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