• April 20, 2021


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Earth Day and Beyond: Free Online Events–Electric Vehicles, Rooftop Solar, Composting, Plastics Pollution and Solutions, Sprinkler Spruce Up

In honor of Earth Day 2021, the City of Irvine is providing free online events. Following is the information for these events. Note: More information on these events and other environmental programs in Irvine, such as Recycle From Home™ and the Green Business Assistance Program, can be found in the Spring 2021 Irvine Environmental Programs […]

Featured Meeting Summaries

The What’s What of the 2021 Irvine Green Ribbon Environmental Committee

In a previous article,* I focused on the “who” of the 2021 Irvine Green Ribbon Environmental Committee. In other words, in that article I listed the 2021 Green Ribbon Committee members. In this article, I write about what work these Green Committee members anticipate taking on. This anticipated work involves the Committee identifying big picture […]

City Hall Featured Meeting Summaries

The Who’s Who of the 2021 Irvine Green Ribbon Environmental Committee

The  first meeting of the 2021 Irvine Green Ribbon Environmental Committee occurred on February 8.  The results of this meeting were somethings old and somethings new regarding who will serve on the Committee and how  the Committee will operate in 2021. The old and the new of the 2021 Irvine Green Ribbon Environmental Committee organization […]

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Lorraine Ghent and Celeste Webb: Two “Seniors” Showing Irvine’s Heart

Along with giving recognition to other Orange County volunteers, this Voice of OC article by Hosam Elattar gives recognition to two of Irvine’s own, Lorraine Ghent and Celeste Webb. They both happen to be seniors, just seniors of a different sort. Lorraine has earned her right to the title of senior by the years of […]

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Silverado Fire: Beyond Thoughts and Prayers for Our Injured Firefighters

Giving Thanks First, it is time to give thanks. Thank you to all the firefighters who protected the lives and property of the Irvine and surrounding community during the Silverado Fire. And having given thanks to the firefighters as a whole, we should specifically express our love and concern for the two firefighters who were […]

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Irvine Train Station: One-Mile Radius Access Improvement Project

Serving over a million commuters annually, the Irvine Train Station is the busiest train station in Orange County. The Irvine Station currently serves as a loading and off-loading location for Amtrak and Metrolink passenger rail riders. In addition, the Irvine Station is a hub for  Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) rail-feeder bus services as well […]

Featured Finance Commission Meeting Summaries

Irvine Finance Commission Recommends New Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stalls at Civic Center

Finance Commission Recommends New EV Stalls at Civic Center At the August 3, 2020 Finance Commission meeting, the commissioners voted 5-0 to support staff’s recommendation regarding new electric vehicle (EV) charging stalls in Irvine. More exactly, the Finance Commission recommends that the city council approve construction at the Irvine Civic Center of eight Level 2 […]

Editorial Featured Meeting Summaries

Irvine Youth Advisory Committee Report: That Golden Chain is Broken at Northwood High School

“Do but consider what an excellent thing sleep is…that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.”–Thomas Dekker, Elizabethan writer   “Chronic sleep deficiency, defined as a state of inadequate or mistimed sleep, is a growing and underappreciated determinant of health status. Sleep deprivation contributes to a number of molecular, immune, and neural changes […]


The Numbers by ZIP: Irvine Households With Kids and Without Kids

Most of us realize that households today can take many different forms. For example, households might include related individuals (families) living together, such as married couples with children, single parents with children, and married couples without children living in the home. However, household might also include unrelated individuals living together, such as singles living alone […]

City Hall Featured Finance Commission Meeting Summaries OC Power Authority

Finance Commission Recommends a Joint Option for Energy Choice in Irvine

“Community Choice Energy (CCE) [also know as Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)] programs serve as an alternative to the traditional Investor Owned Utility power procurement process, allowing local governments to purchase electricity and sell it to consumers at competitive rates. CCE programs have successfully lowered electricity rates to their business, residential, and municipal customers, and generally […]

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