• July 15, 2024


City Council City Hall Featured

Opinion: Councilmember Mike Carroll’s Townhall Highlights Leadership Concerns and Community Tensions

A recent Townhall convened by Councilmember Mike Carroll has sparked debate and highlighted issues of leadership and community representation within our local council. The event, originally intended to discuss upcoming planning commission decisions, turned contentious, shedding light on concerns of bullying and exclusionary behavior. Councilmember Carroll’s management of the Townhall has come under scrutiny. Despite […]

Featured Irvine Matters Opinion Opinion

Opinion: Celebrating the Power of Community Collaboration and Civic Engagement in Woodbury

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news with our community! Thanks to the community’s unwavering support and active engagement, significant progress has been made in addressing safety concerns at the intersection of Great Lawn and Hallmark in the Woodbury neighborhood. In response to community feedback and a request submitted last October, the city has re-evaluated […]

City Council City Hall Featured

Woodbury Families’ Requests for Stop Sign at Great Lawn & Hallmark Agendized

At the upcoming City Council meeting on February 27, Councilmember Tammy Kim has formally requested the city to review the installation of stop signs at the intersection of Great Lawn and Hallmark in the village of Woodbury. This request stems from numerous appeals by community members dating back to 2010, for additional traffic control measures […]

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