• June 14, 2024

Celebrating 50 Years


Celebrating Irvine’s Environmental Achievements

Ever wonder why Irvine is so green and lush? Did you know Irvine was recognized internationally and received a United Nations award for leading the world in banning chlorofluorocarbons? Irvine has had a long history of environmental achievements since before the city was incorporated in 1971. Here are some milestones to celebrate as part of […]

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Sukhee Kang

FivePoint’s Great Park Home-Building Entitlements: Irvine City Council Votes on the FivePoint New Plan and Good Faith

In the previous article in this series on Great Park development, I wrote about the FivePoint’s 2011 new plan for the Great Park and FivePoint’s call for good faith. In this article, we will see how each of the 2011 council members voted on FivePoint’s “new plan.” In addition, we look at some of the […]

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FivePoint’s Great Park Home-Building Entitlements: FivePoint’s 2011 New Plan and Call for Good Faith

In the previous article in this series on Great Park development, I wrote about the original plan for the Great Park from both the private homebuilding and public amenities perspectives. In this article, we will see how—even though FivePoint’s homebuilding entitlements number remained constant—the direction for the Great Park development starts to change. 2011: A […]

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2016 Interview of former Councilmember Jeff Lalloway on Great Park Museums, Amphitheatre, AQMD, Audit, Great Park Board, and More!

Watch the interview hERE It’s #TBT! Last week we shared former Mayor Beth Krom’s interview with Rick Reiff. To provide another perspective, here is former Councilmember Jeff Lalloway’s 2016 Inside OC interview who shared his thoughts on the Great Park including museums, the Great Park audit, along with Southern California Air Quality Management District (AQMD). […]

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Beth Krom

2016 Interview of Former Mayor Beth Krom Discusses Developer Influence in Irvine Elections and the Great Park

It’s #TBT! Here is a December 2016 interview of former Mayor Beth Krom, by Inside OC’s Rick Reiff. Fivepoint, the developer for the Great Park, was a sponsor for this PBS program. Krom discussed a wide-range of topics including developer influence in our elections, the development of the Great Park, and ends the interview discussing […]

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FivePoint’s Great Park Home Building Entitlements: Looking Back to Look Forward

10,556. That is the number of homes that FivePoint currently is legally entitled to build in Irvine’s Great Park neighborhood. That being the case, FivePoint is likely to build every one of those homes. Considering this legal reality, how can the Irvine City Council and Planning Commission achieve the best overall good when approving development […]

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New Series Celebrating Irvine’s 50th Anniversary!

Irvine Watchdog will be starting a new series celebrating our city’s 50th anniversary! As we celebrate, we want to look back and reflect on the events, people, and places that helped make Irvine the great city it is today. While Irvine Watchdog’s primary role is to act as a guardian, the motivation behind our volunteerism […]

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