• September 17, 2021

Celebrating 50 Years

FivePoint’s Great Park Home Building Entitlements: Looking Back to Look Forward

10,556. That is the number of homes that FivePoint currently is legally entitled to build in Irvine’s Great Park neighborhood. That being the case, FivePoint is likely to build every one of those homes. Considering this legal reality, how can the Irvine City Council and Planning Commission achieve the best overall good when approving development […]

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New Series Celebrating Irvine’s 50th Anniversary!

Irvine Watchdog will be starting a new series celebrating our city’s 50th anniversary! As we celebrate, we want to look back and reflect on the events, people, and places that helped make Irvine the great city it is today. While Irvine Watchdog’s primary role is to act as a guardian, the motivation behind our volunteerism […]

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