• October 31, 2020

Planning Commission


9/6/18 PLANNING COMMISSION NOTES By Susan Sayre Highlights: Veteran’s Cemetery site staff reports were requested by this 9/6/18 meeting, but the reports are delayed because the studies require more time to complete. The studies will be presented to the commission as soon as “feasible”. What ….no public parks in IBC developments? Irvine Parkland Requirement for […]

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8/21/18 Irvine Planning Commission Notes

Highlights: The back story : read the hidden truths behind parking issues in Irvine Village Neighborhoods. The persuasive power of public comments at Commission Meetings: Commissioners listen AND respond to the public! See how public comment on both major agenda items influenced commission discussions and decisions. Will there be an Irvine Municipal bus system in […]

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Planning Commission Meeting Notes – 16 August – RSJ Golf Course & Woodbridge Medical Building

8/16/18 PLANNING COMMISSION NOTES Regular Meeting Plus Special Meeting By Susan Sayre Highlights: Over 2 hours discussing the aesthetics of 2 cell tower poles disguised as Mono-Pine Trees in undeveloped area of Orchard Hills…Even if it is just 2 Mono-Pine trees in the middle of the field, just bring me better cell reception! The Planning […]

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8/2/2018 Irvine Planning Commission Meeting Notes

Highlights More light poles to be installed throughout city for installation of small cell wireless technology in order to boost internet service in Irvine. Affordable housing for seniors in Great Park Neighborhoods designed at minimum required standards. (Susan’s comments: After the commission meeting, Patrick Strader, from Starpoint Ventures real estate developers, personally told me that […]

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Irvine Planning Commission Meeting to discuss Veteran’s Cemetery and Alternative Site Analysis

Resident Alert Please attend the Planning Commission Meeting tonight at City Hall. The meeting starts at 5:30 pm. The Planning Commission will be discussing all the latest developments in identifying potential sites in Irvine for the  Veterans Cemetery.    

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