• July 15, 2024

Transportation Commission

Opinion: Who Is In-Charge at the Irvine Commissions, Commissioners or Staff?

Control of Commission Agendas Does anyone have any insight into how Irvine commission agendas were handled in the past and how they are handled now? My impression is that in the past Irvine Commissioners were in charge of what goes on the commission agendas and what would not make an agenda. However, my current impression […]

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Opinion: Which IUSD Schools Need Busing the Most? The Answer May Surprise You

Flying students, unequal access figure into school bus policies Only five of Irvine Unified School District’s 42 schools offer buses to general education students. Thankfully, the Irvine City Council recently started working with IUSD to see if the city can help reduce traffic, cut carbon emissions, and improve public safety by expanding school busing. What’s […]

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Irvine’s Best Bus Service Starts Soon. And It’s Free!

The City is about to launch a new free shuttle service named “City Link”, originally called Yale-Barranca. It will traverse mainly along Yale Avenue and Barranca Parkway and will connect many residential areas with commercial centers, schools, health care, the Irvine Spectrum, and the Irvine Train Station which offers Metrolink and Amtrak regional rail transit. […]

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Ebike Safety from the Irvine PD Instagram account

Irvine Transportation Commission to Propose E-bike Safety Ordinance

How should Irvine enforce electric bike use and promote safety? This is a question flooding social media and dominating conversations among neighbors. As it stands, Irvine has yet to have their own ordinance addressing e-bikes.This Tuesday, May 16 at 5:30 pm, Irvine’s Transportation Commission will propose a series of rules for e-bike use that promotes […]

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Transportation Commission Approves Great Park Traffic Study, Setting Stage for Thursday Planning Commission Action on FivePoint Condos

At a Tuesday afternoon special meeting, the Irvine Transportation Commission voted unanimously to approve a traffic study finding that FivePoint’s proposed construction of 773 condominiums in the Great Park Neighborhoods would not generate sufficient traffic to require street improvements at intersections and arterial roadway segments. The approval sets the stage for Planning Commission consideration of […]

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Transportation Commission Calls Tuesday Special Meeting to Expedite FivePoint Approvals

The Irvine Transportation Commission will hold a special meeting in the City Council Chamber at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 29, to vote on approval of a study minimizing traffic impacts of nearly 800 future condominium units proposed by FivePoint for the Great Park Neighborhoods. Public comments may be made in person, via Zoom, or […]

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Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails to Connect Mountains to the Sea

The Planning Commission will be presented with plans to improve and develop Irvine’s bicycle and pedestrian trail system at the May 20, 2021 meeting. Here is the agenda. The goal is to promote walking and bicycling by providing pedestrian and bicycle connectivity to both local and regional bicycle and pedestrian trail systems. Both presentations state […]

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Irvine is Looking to Improve Mobility, Congestion Relief and Various Options for Transit. Transportation Commission to Weigh In and So Should You!

One of the greatest concerns expressed by residents in Irvine are the growing congestion issues. The Transportation Commission is meeting tomorrow, April 20, 2021 at 5:30PM to review and discuss the comprehensive 2021-23 Transportation Budget Review. The electronic agenda packet is available on the City website. The Mobility Capital Improvement Program is looking to improve the following […]

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2021 Contact List & Reference Guide

Get involved in our city’s decision-making process Irvine’s decision-making process begins with the City Commissions and most often ends with final decisions being made by the City Council or Orange County Great Park Board of Directors (Great Park Board). Final decisions for development projects are also made by the Planning Commission, not necessarily the City […]

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Hoag Hospital Irvine’s Expansion Plans

The proposed Hoag Hospital Irvine Expansion Project is appearing this week on both the Transportation Commission agenda (Item #3) and the Planning Commission agenda (Item #5).   Transportation Commission Meeting – Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 5:30PM Agenda Staff Report Submit e-Comment Traffic Impact Analysis: The traffic study found that the first stage of the […]

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