• December 13, 2018

Transportation Commission


Present were: Ken Montgomery (Fox), Sandy Moody (Schott),Carrie O’Malley (Wagner), Steve Greenberg (Shea) and Rose Casey (Lalloway). Sandy Moody reported her displeasure with the Veterans’ Cemetery 11/20/18 agenda item discussion Moody stated that the agenda item asked for input, not for a site approval vote. Moody said that she could not understand why Montgomery and […]

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11/20/18 – Transportation Commission Meeting Highlights

Present were: Ken Montgomery (Fox), Sandy Moody (Schott), Carrie O’Malley (Wagner) and Steve Greenerg (Shea); Rose Casey absent. Following the progress of the Veterans Cemetery: Traffic evaluation for the Veterans Cemetery at the ARDA and Golf Course Sites The Finance Commission position: Before the meeting Mark Linsenmayer, Director of Transportation, stated that the Finance Commission Meeting passed […]

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10/2/18 – Transportation Commission Meeting Notes

Highlights: Irvine’s senior population is rapidly growing and there is a shortage of senior care facilities in Irvine to provide for the care needs of Irvine seniors. West Bay Senior Living addresses the shortage of senior care facilities in Irvine by presenting a plan to construct a large congregate care facility for independent living, assisted […]

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