• March 5, 2021


Sterling Dental Plaza

The proposed Sterling Dental Plaza zoning change and amended development plan for Woodbridge is designed to replace a 1 story 16,015 square foot building with a 2 story 46,800 square foot office building constructed over a parking lot for additional parking.  This project is totally out of compliance with the Woodbridge Village general plan which […]

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Who’s behind “Yes on C” and “Yes on D”?

Who’s behind the Yes on C and Yes on D? Do you know? Try looking through the contribution report for who is funding measures C and D. We found this on the Irvine City Clerk site. (How to get public documents for Irvine campaign finance) Building Industry of Southern California on Figueroa Street in LA is […]

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Development Projects that Concern Irvine Residents

1)    Parkview Center – Planning Commission Approved University and Michelson already at an extremely poor level of service and yet we are expected to absorb MORE traffic! –   Only and “access study” was done not a full traffic analysis   24 hour convenience store with alcohol   NO TRAFFIC REPORT available to the public ahead […]

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