• April 20, 2021


Inquiries about Irvine Land Trust Remain Unanswered

The Watchdog has been asking some very basic and fundamental questions about the proposed bylaw changes to the land trust.  We asked in writing.  Almost two months ago.  Does someone in the city, or on the Irvine land trust, have the answers?  We saw a public relations flyer about the change, referencing how “this was […]

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City of Irvine Finance Commission – 21 May 2018

The City of Irvine Finance Commission held its regular meeting this week. Four of the fivecommissioners were in attendance. The two primary agenda items were the final designcontract for the Jamboree Pedestrian Bridge and the Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Budget.The commission voted 4-0 to recommend the City Council approve and authorize a professionalservices engineering contract with […]

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Vote NO on Measure D!!!

This June, no proposition is more important to the civil liberties of Irvine residents than Measure D.  In a basic assault on our citizens’ rights, our Mayor and the OC Taxpayers Association (supported by the Irvine Company and Five Point) have put the developers’ interest above that of Irvine residents.  The title says it all […]

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