• May 25, 2022

Election 2022

Opinion: Evolving City, Devolving Democracy?

“I view what we do here as a vision,” FivePoint Holdings Founder and Chairman Emeritus Emile Haddad says, redundantly, in a promotional video on the company’s website. “When you lead from the front, it is easier for people to follow” is another Haddad head-scratcher. What it does not say is that FivePoint has reportedly spent over $2 […]

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Opinion: Political Pollsters Are Calling. Will You Answer?

Welcome Irvine voters to early polling! Has your phone started ringing with “caller unknown” calls?  Some brave Irvine residents who have answered these anonymous calls are getting quizzed on their opinions of candidates, and on other Irvine issues, with a focus on the Orange County Power Authority (OCPA). It is awfully early for the polling […]

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Dirty Politics: Another Anonymous Political Mailer Sent to Irvine Residents

Irvine residents have again reported receiving anonymous political mail attacking Councilman Larry Agran. The postcard shown above is the second mailer sent anonymously in recent weeks. As previously reported by the Irvine Watchdog, an earlier mailer was received by a number of residents in September. The prior mailer promoted what it called the “Irvine Four”, […]

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Anonymous Political Mailers In Support of the “Irvine Four” Violate Campaign Finance Laws

Over the Labor Day weekend, Irvine residents received a political mailer without any disclosure of who sent it, who paid for it, and how much it cost — a clear violation of the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Political Reform Act. Disclosures are required by the FPPC to “promote transparency in government and to foster […]

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