• July 28, 2021

Irvine Matters

Are We Prepared for Wildfire Season?

Welcome to Flash Back Friday! In this edition, we are re-posting a previous Irvine Watchdog article below that discussed local resident concerns with evacuation routes during the 2020 Irvine wildfire that forced 60,000 people from their homes. What lessons were learned? Do you have a family emergency plan? Has any Irvine communication procedures or evacuation […]

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Irvine’s Great Park Drive-thru Vaccination Center Now Open

A drive-thru vaccination clinic is now open at Irvine’s Great Park. Currently, the Moderna vaccine is being used; however, others might be offered later. Registration: Call 833-422-4255 or go to myturn.ca.gov Eligibility: Orange County residents who are 18+ When: Monday-Friday at 8 am to 3 pm To view the NBC4 News video: Click here.

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Irvine Asics Employees and UC Ag Research Center: Providing Food for the Body and Soul

“As part of their Earth Day celebrations, each year the team at Asics corporate headquarters takes the short drive to South Coast REC to harvest produce, most of which will be donated to community groups here in the county. Asics team members were also treated to a talk and tour of Lindsey Pedroncelli’s (@theplantpathologist) strawberry […]

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Earth Day and Beyond: Free Online Events–Electric Vehicles, Rooftop Solar, Composting, Plastics Pollution and Solutions, Sprinkler Spruce Up

In honor of Earth Day 2021, the City of Irvine is providing free online events. Following is the information for these events. Note: More information on these events and other environmental programs in Irvine, such as Recycle From Home™ and the Green Business Assistance Program, can be found in the Spring 2021 Irvine Environmental Programs […]

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Will Irvine City Council Change the Zoning for Racquet Club of Irvine for a Multi-Story Development?

Speaking with various people who play at the Racquet Club of Irvine as well as nearby residents in the Rancho San Joaquin and other nearby villages, it appears a developer will be submitting an application to the City of Irvine on behalf of the owner of the Racquet Club of Irvine (RCI) to change the zoning […]

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Upstander Training Town Hall Responding To Hate Incidents And Hate Crimes

Irvine has been experiencing an increased number of reported hate incidents and hate crimes.  It is believed that these events are vastly underreported.  Since 2020 hate incidents and hate crimes against members of the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community have drastically increased in number. In response to the need for community support for victims of […]

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Lorraine Ghent and Celeste Webb: Two “Seniors” Showing Irvine’s Heart

Along with giving recognition to other Orange County volunteers, this Voice of OC article by Hosam Elattar gives recognition to two of Irvine’s own, Lorraine Ghent and Celeste Webb. They both happen to be seniors, just seniors of a different sort. Lorraine has earned her right to the title of senior by the years of […]

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Silverado Fire: Beyond Thoughts and Prayers for Our Injured Firefighters

Giving Thanks First, it is time to give thanks. Thank you to all the firefighters who protected the lives and property of the Irvine and surrounding community during the Silverado Fire. And having given thanks to the firefighters as a whole, we should specifically express our love and concern for the two firefighters who were […]

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