• April 13, 2024

Irvine Matters

Opinion: Celebrating the Power of Community Collaboration and Civic Engagement in Woodbury

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news with our community! Thanks to the community’s unwavering support and active engagement, significant progress has been made in addressing safety concerns at the intersection of Great Lawn and Hallmark in the Woodbury neighborhood. In response to community feedback and a request submitted last October, the city has re-evaluated […]

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Irvine's Draft Climate Action and Adaptation Plan Lacks Key Elements to Make the City a Climate Lead

Opinion: Irvine’s Draft Climate Action and Adaptation Plan Lacks Key Elements to Make the City a Climate Lead

Irvine released its draft Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP) this week, intended to pave the way to a zero-carbon region by 2030. If the CAAP is bold and successfully implemented, it will help create the healthy, safe, resilient, and equitable communities we all deserve. However, the current draft of CAAP fails to meet its […]

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Opinion: Great Park Urban Farm Providing Diverse Public Benefits, a Link to the Past, and Innovation: Stability Jeopardized?

Did you know that Irvine has an urban farm at the Great Park? This local and perhaps under-appreciated amenity operates in association with Solutions for Urban Ag. This local good, currently known as the Great Park Farm and Food Lab, provides diverse public benefits. These include but are not limited to providing a link to […]

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Hydrogen blend pipeline

Opinion: SoCalGas Planning to Experiment with Hydrogen Gas at UCI Mesa Court Housing and Arts Buildings

Southern California Gas Company plans to use the University of California Irvine Campus- including freshman residential housing areas- as a testing ground for their potentially dangerous hydrogen blend fuel.  SoCalGas claims that the “electrolytic hydrogen can be safely blended into existing natural gas infrastructure on the university’s campus.” If approved, SoCalGas could begin testing hydrogen blending […]

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Bike lane

Opinion: The Path Towards a Greener and Healthier Transportation System for Irvine

We rightfully take a lot of pride in our trail system in Irvine: We have one of the most exhaustive networks of trails in Orange County, and as a result, we are one of the most bikeable cities in the region. Many trails offer grade separation, where there is no interaction at all with motor […]

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Beekeeping and the City of Irvine Ordinance

It all started about 16 years ago when I began to ask why my garden vegetables and fruit trees were failing to produce anything eatable.  After trying fertilizers, soil amendments and talking to my plants, I noticed, or didn’t notice, any bees.  While standing on the corner asking a neighbor if they noticed any bees, […]

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CDT Digital Leadership Series: Free Speech, Platforms & The Fake News Problem

The spread of misinformation is ancient, complex, yet ubiquitous in media concerning elections, vaccinations, and global climate policy. Digital platforms have exacerbated the problem. How should a platform or a society address the problem of fake news? Join us for a stimulating conversation on this critical topic as the foremost expert on platform strategies and network business models, […]

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Celebrating Irvine’s Environmental Achievements

Ever wonder why Irvine is so green and lush? Did you know Irvine was recognized internationally and received a United Nations award for leading the world in banning chlorofluorocarbons? Irvine has had a long history of environmental achievements since before the city was incorporated in 1971. Here are some milestones to celebrate as part of […]

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Five Point Holdings Hires Former Irvine Co. Executive Daniel Hedigan as CEO

From the Orange County Business Journal: Five Point Taps Ex-Irvine Co. Exec Hedigan as CEO Master developer Five Point Holdings LLC (NYSE: FPH), developer of the Great Park Neighborhoods in Irvine, has appointed Dan Hedigan as its new CEO. Hedigan last served as President of Land Sales & Home Building at Newport Beach’s Irvine Company, […]

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