• July 28, 2021


Who is Funding Yes on Measures C and D? It Is Important!

Two groups provided support to the Yes campaign for these Measures. The first one filed with Irvine City Clerk on May 4 is “Taxpayer’s for Ethical Government”, contributor is Building Industry Association of Southern California PAC.  Building Associations have one interest in mind.  Building.. The actual Association, detailed below, is funded separately from the PAC. […]

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Christina Shea Tips the Council’s Hand

In a stunning revelation on NextDoor, Councilwoman Christina Shea reveals that the City has actually preserved the zoning on the Strawberry Fields site and duplicated it on the ARDA site!  This begs the question – “Does Irvine City Council have any intention of building a cemetery?” or are they simply going to give BOTH plots […]

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NO on D = NO U DON’T 

NO on D = NO U DON’T to developers. Don’t mess with the City Charter. These fliers come from a PAC which doesn’t want Irvine’s citizens to monitor local government integrity – the founding principles that have made Irvine great.  Isn’t that why we all want to live here?  No on D ensures Irvine will operate as intended. The truth is Irvine’s fiscal integrity is very much intact but our Master […]

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Measure D: What is meant by Fiscal Benefit?

If measure D is passed, petitions cannot block projects providing a 15% fiscal benefit to the city. But what does 15% fiscal benefit mean? Looking at the measure itself, the definition closest to what people would consider a fiscal benefit is the following: “a project that when added to the City’s existing fiscal impact model […]

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Why “YES” on Measure D is bad for residents

The development approval process is a protracted series of checks and balances and the major stakeholders are the landowners and the residents.  But, the  “yes” on D proponents – led by Mayor Wagner -want the development approval process to dead end with the City Council and box-out local residents. 

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I ain’t “D” problem. Voters ain’t “D” problem

My thoughts on asking the voters to pass “D”. Whaaa? Petitions are the problem? Trying to put something on the ballot so voters can decide is a problem? Oh wait. That can’t be right, because that’s what D is asking for. So I guess the problem is how something gets onto a ballot. Oh wait. […]

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I just don’t “C” it.

I know all the oxygen in the room is being used up by “B” the cemetery issue. But there are 2 other insidious measures that need some attention. “C” is almost boring if it were not for the attention grabbing and popular “makes it harder to raise YOUR taxes” headline. It will make it harder […]

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