• April 12, 2024


FivePoint is Legally Entitled to Build 10,556 Homes of Any Type They Choose in the Irvine Great Park: How Did That Happen?

At meeting of November 2, 2023,  the Irvine Planning Commission approved FivePoint’s plan to build 82 large, single-family homes in a Great Park area near Irvine Boulevard. When an appeal to this Planning Commission approval was heard at the December 12 City Council meeting, the Council denied the appeal and, thereby, affirmed the Planning Commission […]

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Opinion: The Case for Prioritizing People Over Parking

I recently attempted to visit Roosevelt Coffee near Cypress Village Shopping Center to do some work on my laptop. This is the story of that journey, which illustrates why Irvine parking policies – like parking policies everywhere – make cities unpleasant, unsustainable, and bankrupt.  I decided to take OCTA’s 167 bus line, which is a […]

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Much Desired Food, Beverage and Retail Planned for Great Park

Irvine to Consider Ambitious Plans for Food and Beverage at Great Park The Great Park Board returns this Tuesday with a big item pertaining to Great Park food and beverage services.  City staff proposes to: Develop an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with Frontier Real Estate Investments, LLC (aka Almquist), relating to Great Park food and beverage […]

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The Mystery Of The Missing Transit

Opinion: The Mystery of the Missing Transit

On either side of Irvine Blvd, east of the 133, is a transit-oriented development. Or that’s what the zoning map says, anyway: Figure 1: From the Irvine Zoning Map, a “Transit Oriented Development” It is part of a larger area composed of parts of the Great Park neighborhoods and Portola Springs. At the time of […]

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Irvine’s Master Planning Has a Long Way to Go: The Walkability Problem

Opinion: Irvine’s Master Planning Has a Long Way to Go: The Walkability Problem

Correcting an Outright Failure in Irvine’s Master Planning: Introducing Human-Scale Design into Communities Designed for the Scale of Automotive Travel There is much to love about Irvine. It’s safe, clean, and has great schools, and I’m especially proud of the vast open spaces it has protected from development and the urban forest that permeates the […]

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