• July 15, 2024


Opinion: Inspiring Community Ridership by Promoting Irvine Connect

Today I took an Irvine Connect bus ride from Woodbridge Shopping Center to the Spectrum and back. I am very impressed with the route, and the accurate scheduling. I only wish I had access to an Irvine Connect bus line. Irvine is being advertised as one of the happiest cities in the nation. Let’s not rest […]

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Opinion: Irvine Connect Leaves Seniors and Disabled Residents Out of the Loop

Irvine Connect is a fantastic concept! I wish I had access to Irvine Connect services. I could get to Senior Centers, libraries, my bank, go shopping, and go to the Spectrum to shop, eat lunch out, and then relax while enjoying a movie. Irvine badly needs an Irvine-circulation-only public transportation service.  However, I question the […]

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Opinion: Which IUSD Schools Need Busing the Most? The Answer May Surprise You

Flying students, unequal access figure into school bus policies Only five of Irvine Unified School District’s 42 schools offer buses to general education students. Thankfully, the Irvine City Council recently started working with IUSD to see if the city can help reduce traffic, cut carbon emissions, and improve public safety by expanding school busing. What’s […]

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Irvine’s Best Bus Service Starts Soon. And It’s Free!

The City is about to launch a new free shuttle service named “City Link”, originally called Yale-Barranca. It will traverse mainly along Yale Avenue and Barranca Parkway and will connect many residential areas with commercial centers, schools, health care, the Irvine Spectrum, and the Irvine Train Station which offers Metrolink and Amtrak regional rail transit. […]

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