4/23/19 Great Park Board Meeting – New Board Chair and Bee & Bosque Opening

Directors present:
Christina Shea
Melissa Fox
Farrah Khan
Anthony Kuo

One of our resident’s discussing the Great Park and the planning process:

Newly Elected Chair of Great Park Board

Director Farrah Khan was unanimously elected Chairwoman of the Great Park Corporation Board. The Great Park Board meets before the City Council meeting on the fourth Tuesday of every month.

Veteran’s Cemetery

The State Veterans Cemetery comprehensive update is taken off the May Board agenda.  Executive Director, John Russo will provide more information when available.

Bee & the Bosque

The passive park and nature trails area called the “Bee & the Bosque” is scheduled to open next month. However, the 688-acre city-FivePoint development agreement was amended to provide more time for the implementation of several park features.  

Irvine’s Transparency Portal

The Great Park will be featured on the City’s transparency portal website. The Great Park – maps, amenities, future projects, and financial transactions and budget will be included.

Shade and Food at Great Park

Plans for more shade structures and food concession stands are in progress with the city and FivePoint working closely together to implement ASAP.

Public Comment

Residents wish to see an open and transparent forum for the planning of the 200-acre cultural terrace. A resident asked what came from the two community outreach meetings (2015, 2017) that identified a range of cultural attractions & the progress of a cultural terrace master plan.