Big Agenda Items for 3/26 City Council Meeting

The following describes what is on the agenda for tomorrow’s March 26th City Council meeting. Please consider attending to bid farewell to Mayor Wagner who has served our city since 2016.

Regular Meeting Agenda Items (4PM):

  • The “boarding house” enforcement ordinance (AGENDA ITEM 3.11) is back before the Council for a 2nd reading. Will we see the council make amendments to the original proposal?
  • 1,056 more homes to be approved in the Great Park Neighborhoods for FivePoint (AGENDA ITEM 3.5)
  • General Plan Land Use Element discussion (AGENDA ITEM 4.1) City Staff is recommending prohibiting retroactive determinations and the combination of Density Bonus and Additive Benefits. This is the loophole that FivePoint took advantage of in the previous Agenda Item and is building more homes above the 9,500 residential housing cap for the GP Neighborhoods.

Special Meeting (6PM):

A Special City Council meeting has been called to declare a vacancy in the office of Mayor and proceed according to the Irvine Municipal Code (1-2-213).

Mayor Don Wagner will step down as Mayor of Irvine to serve as a member of the Orange County Board of Supervisors and Councilmember Christina Shea, the Mayor Pro Tempore, will become the Mayor for the remainder of the mayoral term. Under city code, the Mayor Pro Tempore has (7 days) until April 2nd to decline the mayoral position. The City Council has scheduled a special meeting on Wednesday, April 3 at 10:00 am to allow discussion of the decision by the Mayor Pro Tempore on whether to accept the mayoral position as well as City Council options and “next steps.” 

If the Mayor Pro Tempore does not decline by April 2, 2019, she will become the Mayor.