Big City Council Meeting Next Week

As we begin the month of July, the Irvine City Council is busy with several things. They are apprising citizens on the long overdue General Plan update, dismantling the Irvine Community Land Trust and hiring a new city manager after 13 years with Sean Joyce at the helm. 

The Council faces many challenges, including managing the changes associated with growth as Irvine continues to evolve. While navigating the political landscape, city leaders also are keenly aware that voters are focusing on transparency and good governance.

With that in mind, this Tuesday, July 10th is particularly important. The city council will vote on council member Lalloway’s specific agenda item and motion to recognize the June 5th decision of Irvine voters – to begin anew the process of building the veterans’ cemetery at the originally approved great park ARDA site. This agenda item originates from a voters’ referendum that reversed a council decision by three members (Wagner, Fox, Shea) in October 2017. On June 5th, 63% of Irvine voters rejected developer FivePoint’s proposed zone change, land-swap, and development plan. Now, we will see if our leadership will listen to what the majority of their constituents have said.

If you have time, please come out and attend this pivotal city council meeting on Tuesday, July 10th. Watchdog volunteers will certainly be present to see how our elected leaders respond to the Measure B outcome. Ask yourself – are they respecting the process, listening to the voice of the voter and looking out for what’s best for the city, or are they working for some other agenda?  Please don’t pass up this opportunity to be involved. The timing couldn’t be better for this council meeting, because the Mayor’s position is up for re-election in November, and the nomination period to file begins on July 16th. This meeting will be another opportunity for Mayor Wagner to set the right tone at the top. Will he do so? Will the council start work to get the cemetery back on track or cloud the issue in rhetoric and confusing double talk? 

If there was ever a time for clear, concise communication and action, this is it.

One thing is for sure. The entire council’s leadership, words, and actions will be showcased. No matter your view on the cemetery, we need our elected officials to utilize their sharpest impartial civic judgment and demonstrate their strong ethical standards next week. Let’s see if they do so.