Branda Lin Resigns from Irvine Watchdog and Announces Campaign for Irvine City Mayor

After announcing her campaign for Irvine City Mayor, Branda Lin has resigned from Irvine Watchdog. On behalf of our many volunteers, readers, and contributors, the Irvine Watchdog Board of Directors wants to express our many thanks to Branda for her years of leadership and service to the organization.

Branda is a founder of Irvine Watchdog. She served as Co-Chair and was a frequent writer, commentator, and active volunteer. Branda’s daily contributions to our work have been a critical part of our success. Her strong personal commitment to transparency, honesty, and accountability is built into our organization’s DNA.  

While Branda was often the face of Irvine Watchdog, our organization has always been bigger than any one person. Behind the scenes, our many volunteers regularly track and share the goings-on in Irvine, attend public meetings, manage our Facebook group, maintain our website, serve as writers and editors and keep a critical eye on local government. This work is only possible with a great group of volunteers and a strong leadership team.

Branda’s contributions to Irvine Watchdog will be missed. Still, we are fully prepared for the transition and reaffirm our commitment to our mission and to continue our critically important work. We face the future with optimism and the same passion, focus, and hard work that Branda has demonstrated as our leader in recent years.

Irvine Watchdog does not endorse, support, or oppose any candidate for office. However, as a watchdog organization, we play an inherently adversarial role in holding local leaders accountable. We will continue challenging all candidates and elected leaders on democracy, transparency, honesty, and accountability issues. We will continue to speak truth to power without fear or favor.

Join us!

As we move forward, we invite you to join us. We need you now more than ever. Every volunteer adds to our increasing collective influence. So please consider volunteering and giving whatever time and skills you have to offer. If you have any questions, want to volunteer, or want to connect with us, please email our Chair Richard Green at: [email protected]