City Adds Affordable Housing Support Policies and Services to the Housing Element Update

Housing Element update

8/5/21 Planning Commission Meeting, Agenda Item 4

At the 7/15/21 Planning Commission Meeting, Commissioners requested that the Community development staff add policies and programs to the Housing Element Update for the purpose of strengthening support for affordable housing renters and owners and submit the changes to the 8/5/21 Planning Commission meeting for review and decision .

(Staff Report attachment)

The following policies and programs were added to the Housing Element Update:

  1. City to provide incentives for construction of affordable units by eliminating or reducing permitting fees for housing that is 100% affordable and by expediting project development process by appointing staff dedicated to affordable housing projects.
  2. City to allow modular units and other innovative building types.
  3. City to explore creating an Irvine Housing Authority that has the ability to allocate Federal Housing Choice vouchers.
  4. City to encourage affordable housing developers to extend terms of affordability to “in perpetuity”.
  5. City to provide referrals to homeless programs and resources on the City website including referrals to non-profits that provide transitional housing, motel vouchers, food pantries and emergency rental and utility payment assistance.
  6. City to provide legal assistance referrals for renters at city hall and on the City website.
  7. City to provide Information on affordable homeownership in multiple languages to ensure greater home ownership diversity.
  8. City to encourage developers with density bonus units to coordinate efforts with local non-profits and community organizations to set aside affordable units for special groups such as veterans and special needs groups.

Next Steps for the Housing Element Update

Once the Housing Element Update is approved by the Planning Commission, it will be forwarded to Housing and Community Development (HCD) for review, certification and feedback.  The final draft of the housing element update will then be submitted to the Planning Commission in November 2021 to be followed by review and adoption by the City Council.


(draft of amended Housing Element update document)


The City Housing Element Housing update website invites people to make comments. Comments become part of the public record.

Link to current Housing Element Update