City Council Agenda – Packed & Controversial

Tonight’s Council Meeting Notables: 

  • Last Meeting for City Manager John Russo
  • Appointment of Interim City Manager Mariana Marysheva (Agenda Item 4.1)
  • Public Participation Changes for City Council and Commission Meetings (Agenda Item 4.3)
  • Resolution Opposing Proposition 15 (Agenda Item 4.4)


Public Hearing Agenda Items:

Agenda Item 3.1: Zoning Ordinance Update Regarding Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and Junior Dwelling Units (JADUs)

New state laws require ordinances to allow ADUs and JADUs in order to address housing shortages. Irvine’s Zoning Ordinance has been amended to meet the state requirements. Irvine’s amended ordinance has the goal of protecting the character of Irvine’s neighborhoods and remain residential. The amended zoning ordinance has the following limitations:

  1. There could be no change in side and rear setbacks on the property in order to protect privacy.
  2. Limits will be placed on the height of the ADUs and JADUs.
  3. The architecture of the ADUs and JADUs must be consistent with the primary dwelling unit.
  4. Traffic and parking impacts will be regulated.
  5. ADUs and JADUs shall not be sold or owned separately from the primary residence.
  6. ADUs and JADUs cannot be rented for less than 30 days.
  7. The property owner must reside in the ADU, JADU or the primary residence.

Agenda Item 3.2: Development Agreement Status Report

Irvine’s development agreements must be reviewed periodically to make sure that the projects are in compliance with their respective terms and conditions.  Irvine has 9 active development agreements of which 7 were found to be compliant with current applicable provisions and the other 2 are new and are not yet due for monitoring.


Business Meeting Agenda Items:

Agenda Item 4.1: Employment of Assistant City Manager Marianna Marysheva as Interim City Manager

This is John Russo’s last meeting as City Manager. It is proposed that Marianna Marysheva be appointed as Interim City Manager up until the time a new City Manager is hired. Marysheva’s contract will have the term of one year but can be terminated sooner if a new City Manager is hired. Her salary will be $290,014.40 per year with 120 hours of vacation time and benefits equal to that which she received as Assistant City Manager.

Agenda Item 4.2: COVID-19 Situation Update and Direction to Director of Emergency Services on Relevant Action Items

No staff report provided.

Agenda Item 4.3: Discussion of Public Participation in City Council and Commission Meetings During COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to public complaints about the absence of e-Comments being read into the record during the meetings and about e-comments being limited to 500 characters, on July 28, 2020 the City Council directed staff to bring an analysis and list of options regarding the methods to enhance public’s ability to commend live during City Council and Commission meetings.

  1. Option 1: Public attend meetings by Zoom meeting format or by phone.
    1. Pre-registration can either be required or not required
    2. Voice mail participation.
    3. Financial impact $1,200 per meeting
  2. Option 2: In-person Public Comments
    1. Public to attend in person at City Hall with social distancing with cameras to allow people to be televised remotely and microphones.
    2. Public to be located, not in chambers, but in the lobby and hallways (35 people), the Conference Training Center (36 people), or in the Plaza outside of City Hall.
    3. There will be Kiosks to sit in and speak.
    4. Financial impact: $300-$720 per meeting.

Agenda Item 4.4: Mayor Shea and Councilmember Kuo Request that the City Council Adopt a Resolution Opposing Proposition 15

The resolution document describes Proposition 15 as being a “split roll property tax increase” and states that passing Proposition 15 will {cause fewer jobs and reduce wages, raise prices for goods and services, magnify housing crisis, increase the cost to do business in California and leave homeowners vulnerable to the complete removal of Proposition 13 protections”

Note: The resolution’s description of proposition 15 is not an accurate or complete description of the provisions of the initiative. It also fails to provide the stated purpose of the proposition.

Agenda Item 4.5: Councilmembers Khan and Fox Request that the City of Irvine Adopt a Resolution Urging the U.S. Post Master General to End All Actions that Slow Down or Undermine the Prompt Delivery of Mail Services

The resolution states that the City has received complaints from residences that mailboxes have been removed from various locations around the city, and that mail is not being received in a timely matter. The document states that residents, including seniors, veterans, small businesses, rely on timely deliveries of goods, medications, stimulus checks, social security checks, census forms, rent checks, medical supplies, election ballots and other essential items.

Irvine City Council Meeting – Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at 4pm
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