City Council Contemplates Facilities, Flag, and the Fallen

Will Irvine Implement Body Cameras For Our Irvine Police Department?

Will Irvine Fly The Pride Flag?

Will The Clean-Up Process Begin On The Veteran’s Cemetery ARDA Site?

Special Joint City Council / Great Park Board Meeting – June 23, 2020 at 3:00 pm
Supplemental Meeting Agenda
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Special City Council Meeting:

Agenda Item 2.1:  Presentation on the reopening plan for city facilities.

Consent Calendar:
Agenda Items 3.1-3.9: Grant and funding issues.

* Consent items are not presented or discussed unless brought out for discussion by City Council/Great Park Board Members or by members of the public by means of public comment/e-Comment.


Special Joint City Council/Great Park Board Meeting:

Budget Review

Agenda Item 4.1: Fiscal Year 2019-21 mid-cycle budget review including COVID-19 updates. Financial impacts of COVID-19 are presented which include discussion of changes in City revenues and expenditures and recommendations regarding cost containment measures.

Cost containment measures include: delaying and/or expediting capital improvement projects; delaying pension payments to CalPERS; position of Manager of the Orange County Great Park exchanged for Deputy Director of the Orange County Great Park.


Rental Assistance Program

Agenda Item 5.1: Update on City’s Rental Assistance Program providing $1000 per household rental assistance and  $100 per household per lease cancellation penalty with all City funds being reimbursed by CARES Act funding.  Also authorizing City Manager to advance $826,135 from the general fund for emergency rental assistance programs administered by Families Forward and South County Outreach.


Election 2020 – Regulations for Candidate Statements and Guidelines for Political Signs

Agenda Item 5.1A: Resolution calling for the General Municipal Election to be had on November 3, 2020 and requesting consolidation with the Statewide General Election and establishing regulations for candidate statements and political sign guidelines and policy. Candidate “nomination period” is from July 13, 2020 to August 7, 2020 and the nomination period for non-incumbent period is extended to August 12, 2020.


New Vehicle Miles Traveled Traffic Analysis

Agenda Item 5.2: CEQA quarterly updates including the new Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) traffic analysis methodology guidelines designed to promote reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by getting more cars off the road and to promote construction of 100% affordable housing projects.


Body Cameras for Irvine Police Department?

Agenda Item 5.3: Approval to implement a body worn camera program for the Irvine Police Department and purchase of required hardware and software.



Will Irvine Fly The Pride Flag?

Agenda Item 5.4: Consider request by Council Members Fox and Khan to adopt a resolution establishing polices for display of commemorative flags, including the Pride Flag, at City Hall.


What’s The Next Step For ARDA?

Agenda Item 5.5: Request by Council Members Fox and Khan to Discuss ARDA site improvements. Before the ARDA site is transferred to CalVet, the City can immediately begin working on necessary site improvements for the Veterans’ Cemetery such as: demolition, clean-up and clearance, and historic preservation.



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