City Council Agenda Highlights for March 14, 2023

City hall

City hallThe City Council meeting on Tuesday, March 14, 2023, will consider a number of important proposals. Will Irvine opt out of OCPA? Councilmember Kim repackages her district map commission proposal for another Council vote. Will Flying Leathernecks Aviation Museum finally receive the funding to begin the move-in process? Final approval of changes to the Council order of business is on the consent calendar. Should the City approve an MOU with the Irvine company to provide for 4,536 new rental units, of which 1,029 would be affordable? Councilmember Treseder takes on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in Irvine.

Some highlights are below:

Item 2.6 Modifications to Order Of Agenda and Procedures for Public Comments – This will implement the following changes:

  1. Public comments will be heard separately for all agendized items, i.e., the Consent Calendar, Public Hearing items, and items of Council Business.
  2. Public comments shall be provided after the staff report/presentation and before City Council deliberations and actions for each separate agenda item. This change will benefit members of the public from the staff presentation before they make their comments.
  3. Time limits shall be revised such that when there are ten or fewer speakers on an item, each speaker will receive 3 minutes; when there are 11 to 15, inclusive, speakers on an item, each speaker will receive 2 minutes; and when there are 16 or more speakers on an item, each speaker will receive 90 seconds.
  4. The City will permanently maintain the public’s right to view and provide comments during public meetings via Zoom or another City-approved virtual platform.

Item 2.7 Flying Leathernecks Aviation Museum – Approve a budget adjustment in the amount of $2,500,000 for the museum for relocation expenses and $300,000 for work necessary to secure Building 297. [Note: Hangar 296 next to Wild Rivers will be the museum location]

Item 4.1 Council Discussion and Consideration of a Request by Councilmember Treseder Regarding Affordable Housing Utility Allowances

Item 4.2 Irvine Company Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Future Residential Development – The proposal would result in 4,536 new rental units, of which 1,029 are proposed to be affordable.

Item 4.4 Orange County Power Authority – Review analysis of the City’s electricity costs and rates and consider the following actions related to the City’s subscription as a customer in OCPA 100% Renewable Choice plan, as follows:

  1. Direct staff to maintain Irvine’s participation in OCPA’s 100% Renewable Choice Plan.
  2. Direct staff to opt down to OCPA’s 69% Renewable Smart Choice Plan.
  3. Direct staff to opt down to OCPA’s 38% Renewable Basic Choice Plan.
  4. Direct staff to withdraw from OCPA IN order to return Irvine to SCE


Item 4.5 Consideration of a request by Councilmember Treseder to establish a sustainability commission. This would, in effect, convert the Green Ribbon Environmental Committee (GREC) to a Sustainability Commission comprised of the same members currently serving on GREC.

Item 4.7 Consideration of a request by Councilmember Kim to adopt “redistricting principles for a more perfect union” and establish an independent districting commission.

The City Council meeting begins at 5 PM on Tuesday, March 14. You may submit an e-comment in advance or public comment live on Zoom or in person. Watch the meeting live via Zoom here. Meetings may also be viewed live-streamed on YouTube.

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