City Council Meeting Agenda Highlights


Highlights from the upcoming City Council Agenda: 

Public comments will be heard at the beginning of the meeting. Members of the public are allowed 3 minutes per agenda item and 3 minutes for non-agenda items.


All matters listed under Consent Calendar are considered by the City Manager to be routine and will be enacted by one roll call vote. Therefore, there will be no discussion of these items unless a member of the City Council or the public request specific items to be removed from the Consent Calendar for a separate discussion. 

Item 2.3 – Warrant and Wire Transfer Resolution

Below is page 1 of 2 showing the expenditures. For the complete list click on Item 2.3.

 Item 2.6 – Second Reading and Adoption of Ordinance No. 22-07 Approving Zone Change to Provide New Citywide Regulations for Residential Beekeeping 

Will the City Council revisit and possibly lower the beekeeping license fee of $300 for the first year and $75/year renewal fee every year after to encourage more registrants? 

For background information, click HERE. 

Item 2.7Second Reading and Adoption of Ordinance No. 22-08 Approving A Zone Change to Rezone the Village of Los Olivos (Planning Area 39) From 2.4 To 2.4h 

An Ordinance of The City Council of The City of Irvine, Approving Zone Change Increasing the Maximum Residential Cap By 330 Dwelling Units and Rezoning the Subject Property to Medium-high Density Residential; Located at the Northeast Corner of Encanto and Dana in Planning Area 39 (Los Olivos); Filed by Irvine Company 

Item 2.8 Second Reading and Adoption of Ordinance No. 22-09 Regarding the Police Department’s Acquisition and Use of Military Equipment 

The staff Memo from the first reading reads “… “Public Safety is seeking City Council approval to continue using military equipment as defined by AB 481 that was acquired prior to January 1, 2022. Public Safety is also seeking City Council approval to obtain additional equipment in the future. All current and future equipment will adhere to the new ordinance requirements.” 


Item 3.1A Resolution of The City Council of The City of Irvine Finding the General Plan 2021-2029 Housing Element Update Consistent with the Purposes of The State Aeronautics Act and Overrule the Orange County Airport Land Use Commission’s Determination that the 2021-2029 Housing Element Update Is Inconsistent with the 2008 John Wayne Airport Environs Land Use Plan  

The City submitted the 2021-2029 Housing Element update (HEU) to the Orange County Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) for a consistency determination with the Airport Environs Land Use Plan (AELUP). The ALUC conducted a hearing on the matter on January 20, 2022, and found the HEU was inconsistent with the AELUP for the following reasons:

    • Section 2.1.1 Aircraft Noise that the “aircraft noise emanating from airports may be incompatible with general welfare of the inhabitants within the vicinity of an airport.”
    • Section 2.1.2 Safety Compatibility Zones in which “the purpose of these zones is to support the continued use and operation of an airport by establishing compatibility and safety standards to promote air navigational safety and to reduce potential safety hazards for persons living, working, or recreating near JWA.”
    • Section 2.1.4, and PUC Section 21674 which state that the Commission is charged by PUC Section 21674(a) “to assist local agencies in ensuring compatible land uses in the vicinity of … existing airports to the extent that the land in the vicinity of those airports is not already devoted to incompatible uses,” and PUC Section 21674(B) “to coordinate planning at the state, regional and local levels so as to provide for the orderly development of air transportation, while at the same time protecting the public health, safety and welfare.”

On March 8, 2022, the City Council authorized staff to formally provide notice to the ALUC and the State Division of Aeronautics of the City’s intent to overrule the ALUC inconsistency finding and the City Council will be voting on this resolution to overrule the ALUC’s determination tonight.

Item 3.2 – A Resolution of The City Council of The City of Irvine, Approving the Amended Adopted 2021-2029 Housing Element in Its Current Form 



 Item 4.2A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Irvine to Express Support for The Mental Health Justice Act Of 2021 


How to Participate in the City Council Meeting 

Watch: City Council meetings are broadcast live on ICTV, Cox Communications Local Access Channel 30, and AT&T U-Verse Channel 99 and live-streamed online at City Council meetings are also streamed live on YouTube at the City of Irvine YouTube channel.  

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