Special Meeting – All American Asphalt

Residents in the North Irvine villages of Eastwood, Stonegate, Orchard Hills, Northwood, and Northwood Pointe have been battling toxic fumes from a nearby asphalt factory for over a year. Lesley Tan, one of the leaders of this effort, provided background in this Opinion article asking, “what is the City’s responsibility to disclose of pollutants and its negative impacts to home buyers?” Irvine Watchdog | Tan

The concerns over All American Asphalt’s proximity to these neighborhoods and the release of toxic fumes have been mounting. With the help of Kim Konte of Non-Toxic Neighborhoods, who successfully led an effort in Irvine to end the use of glyphosate and 2,4-D in 2015, the North Irvine residents have mobilized and the City Council is responding.

At last Tuesday’s City Council meeting, over 30 public comments were submitted and read aloud before the City Council went into closed door session for a conference with their legal council over the current litigation matter (City of Irvine vs. All American Asphalt, Orange County Superior Court Case No. 30-2020-01153015-CU-MC-CJC).

The permit for All American Asphalt was granted in 1994, and the land was annexed by the city in 2001. However, the location of the asphalt factory was omitted from our city maps and many who purchased their homes were unaware of their close proximity to All American Asphalt until they began to smell the fumes. A map identifying the factory location was added to the city website on Wednesday at the request of Councilmember Farrah Khan.  LA Times | Brazil

At the request of Mayor Christina Shea in a Memo dated October 15th, the City Council will be holding a special meeting today at 3PM. The Council will be in closed door session to discuss existing and pending litigation and then return to public hearing to discuss and provide direction regarding “illegal activities at All American Asphalt.” A copy of the Special Meeting agenda can be found here. To watch the meeting live click here. E-Comments can be submitted here.