Upcoming Council Meeting Agenda – March 8, 2022

Highlights from the City Council Agenda.

Item 4.1Consideration Of A Request By Vice Mayor Kuo And Councilmember Carroll To Adopt A Resolution Expressing Support For The “Brand-Huang-Mendoza Tripartisan Land Use Initiative”

The staff Memo reads, “The “Brand-Huang-Mendoza Tripartisan Land Use Initiative” seeks to limit the State’s continuing efforts to constrain local government land use authority (through bills such as SB 9 and SB 10), and recognizes that local government entities are best able to assess and respond to the unique needs of their respective communities. The attached resolution expresses support for that initiative, and for the principles that underlie it.”

The proposed resolution reads in part, “The City Council of the City of Irvine, is opposed to the legislature of the State of California continually proposing and adopting legislation that overrides the zoning and land use authority of local government and inhibits the ability of local government to effectively plan for and implement policies to stimulate the efficient production of affordable housing in the City of Irvine.”

“The City Council of the City of Irvine, supports the Brand-HuangMendoza Tripartisan Land Use Initiative (Attached as Exhibit A) to ensure that zoning and land use authority rests with the local government entities that represent the communities in which the residents reside, and to allow local government to participate in solving our affordable housing crisis through solutions that effectively address the unique need and conditions of each local community.”

Item 4.2 – Consideration Of A Request By Mayor Khan And Councilmember Kim To Discuss Increasing Homeownership Opportunities In Irvine

“Consider directing City staff to return to the City Council with policy options that prioritize owner-occupied housing in Irvine, limit investor purchased housing, and identify incentive programs for communities to build wealth through homeownership including first-time homebuyer assistance programs.’

The staff Memo reads in part “One of the growing factors in the decline of homeownership is due in large part to investor-owned properties that remove available units and homes off the market for families and residents to purchase. Locally, we have seen a 6-8% year over year increase during the pandemic in investors purchasing our housing stock. As we work to address this housing crisis, it is critical that we limit these types of purchases.”

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