Corruption at City Hall?


How do you feel about our elected City Council members and city council candidates receiving a majority of donations from the development community while NOT recusing themselves from voting on those development projects?

SIX of NINE contributions are from the Strader family for Melissa Fox’s campaign (Patrick Strader is the lobbyist for FivePoint/Starpointe Ventures). Seven contributions from the Strader family and Melissa Fox’s firm to Lauren Johnson-Norris.

Isn’t there a concern over undue influence?  Is there an issue with the Political Reform Act?  Questions to ponder for sure!

With our upcoming election in November, let’s make sure we know which of our candidates are beholden to corporate PACs, developers, and lobbyists verses Irvine residents!

Here are Melissa Fox’s forms:

How would you vote on council candidates who take money from developers? Here are Lauren Johnson-Norris’ forms:


Christina Shea sends Irvine citizens’ petition directly to developers before the petition was out of City Attorney review!  Does she really represent the citizen or just her developer funders?