Existing and Future Traffic Data: Significant Increases Within City Standards

The Planning Commission will receive a city mobility report and presentation at its meeting this Thursday, July 2nd.

The 2020 Citywide Circulation Phasing Analysis Report, as it is formally known, is currently available for public review and was prepared by LSA Consultants in coordination with city staff, as well as a Task Force with representatives from the Finance, Planning and Transportation Commissions, FivePoint, and the Irvine Company. The last comprehensive report of this kind was conducted in 2012.

The report evaluated existing and future traffic data and recommended improvements for citywide roadways and intersections over the next five years, studying an area which included 250 intersections and 510 roadway segments. The robust analysis methodology included traffic counts, trip generations, land use, and socioeconomic data. Some notable findings are highlighted below:


  • Great Park (K‐12): 154.50% increase in students
  • Research and Development: 159.90% increase in size
  • Great Park Parking: 180.40% increase in spaces
  • Extended Stay Hotel: 208.90% increase in rooms
  • Community College: 387.10% increase in size (Irvine Valley College, Concordia University, Chapman University)

All roadway segments are projected to be operating within the standards established by the City over the next five years. Here is a look at the most heavily utilized roadways, comparing existing traffic counts with future traffic counts based on forecasting models.


The east‐west roadways anticipated to be the most heavily utilized (ADT = average daily traffic):

  • Irvine Center Drive: Up to 41,600 ADT, an 8.1% increase from existing conditions (38,500  ADT)
  • Alton Parkway: Up to 51,900 ADT, a 12.3% increase from existing conditions (46,200 ADT)
  • Irvine Boulevard: Up to 45,400 ADT, a 16.1% increase from existing conditions (39,100  ADT)
  • Main Street: Up to 39,400 ADT, a 21.2% increase from existing conditions (32,500 ADT)
  • Barranca Parkway: Up to 45,500 ADT, a 28.9% increase from existing conditions (35,300  ADT)

The north-south roadways anticipated to be the most heavily utilized (ADT = average daily traffic):

  • MacArthur Boulevard: Up to 68,000 ADT, a 1.9% increase from existing conditions  (66,700 ADT)
  • Bake Parkway: Up to 78,200 ADT, a 9.4% increase from existing conditions (71,500 ADT)
  • Jamboree Road: Up to 92,900 ADT, a 10.7% increase from existing conditions (83,900  ADT)
  • Culver Drive: Up to 64,300 ADT, a 12.0% increase from existing conditions (57,400 ADT)
  • Jeffrey Road: Up to 65,500 ADT, a 16.1% increase from existing conditions (56,400 ADT)
  • University Drive: Up to 61,500 ADT, a 31.4% increase from existing conditions (46,800  ADT)
  • Sand Canyon Avenue: Up to 64,000 ADT, a 45.8% increase from existing conditions  (43,900 ADT)


  1. Harvard Avenue and Michelson Drive
  2. Bake Parkway and Jeronimo Road
  3. Jamboree Road and Portola Parkway

The Planning Commission meets this Thursday, July 2nd at 5:30pm. Here is a link to the staff report with this agenda item.

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