Finance Commissioners Pass Body Cameras for IPD and Second Quarter Budget at March 1st Meeting


The Finance Commission met on Monday, March 1st, 2021, and discussed the following agenda items:


Faruk Bhagani (Appointed by Farrah Khan)
Mike Genest (Appointed by Mike Carroll)
Lauren Johnson-Norris (Appointed by Larry Agran)
John Park (Appointed by Anthony Kuo)
Magi Yang (Appointed by Tammy Kim)


Body-Worn Cameras and Mobile Video System for Irvine Police Department

Staff presented the scope and size of the contract for public safety body-worn camera and mobile video system solution. 


  • $150,000 Strategic Technologic Plan (STP) BWC Pilot
  • $213,454.72 PY 19/20 approved carryover for BWC
  • $116,283.80 PY 19/20 approved carryover for MVS
  • $30,000 STP for in-car and digital audio technology

FY 2021-22

  • $750,000 STP Budget

FY 2022-23

  • $463,073 STP Budget
  • $141,927 Asset Forfeiture

FY 2023-24

  • $650,000 STP Budget

FY 2024-25

  • $353,479 STP Budget
  • $251,521 Asset Forfeiture

10% contingency

  • $46,208 FY 2021-22
  • $48,592 FY 2023-24
  • STP Carryover
  • Johnson Norris asks about holding video data for more than 2 years if we have unlimited data from the contract. 
  • Yang asks about budget increase in year 2 of the contract. 
    • Staff says that’s due to the system change in year two.
  • Park asks how the system is activated, is it a manual activation?
    • Police says it is a manual activation but follows up that all officers will be trained to follow protocol to turn it on and that there will be repercussions for not following protocol. 
    • There is a buffer that does exist (up to 120 sec) video only, no sound in case the officer is late on turning it on. 

Contract is approved through the Finance Committee by a vote of 4-0, 1 abstention. 


Treasurer’s Report for the quarter ended December 31, 2020

  • Recommend that the City Council receive and file the Treasurer’s Report for the quarter ended December 31, 2020.
  • Voted 5-0


  1. Recommend City Council receive and file the Fiscal Year 2020-21 Second Quarter Budget Update.
  2. Recommend City Council approve a General Fund budget adjustment to decrease FY 2020-21 athletic revenue by $62,150 to reflect a 50 percent reduction in Irvine Sports Committee fees for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 field allocations due to impacts from COVID-19.
  3. Recommend City Council approve a budget adjustment to decrease FY 2020-21 System Development Charge revenue and re-appropriate $3.15 million funding from CIP #381902, the Walnut Bike Trail Lighting & Landscaping project, to FY 2023-24 due to slowing development activity and impacts from COVID-19.
  • Johnson-Norris asks why item #3 is being pushed back vs the other projects worrying about equity.
  • She also asks about item #2 and why there’s a fee reduction for non-Irvine residents. 
    • Staff clarifies that they’re only delaying the project and it’s for other reasons including lighting easements, having to wait on Edison among other factors. 
  • Yang asks for clarification about sports fees. 
    • Fees collected are about 21k for resident and 78k for non-resident.
  • Yang also asks for clarification that Walnut Bike Trail. 
    • Staff replies that the project is in design and not under construction yet. 
    • There’s currently lighting at all on the walnut trail.
  • Yang asks if there are other items are in works? 
    • There’s a pedestrian/bike bridge over the 133 to provide connectivity to both sides of Irvine. 
  • Genest asks about the cares act money and possible things coming in due to 1.9 billion 
    • Staff says they don’t budget for money they don’t have. 
  • Johnson-Norris replies that there was discussion in the city about a possible 40 mil coming into the city. We should be able to talk about it
    • Staff says we can talk about it, but city manager has said to not put that into projections until it’s a done deal. (Writer’s Note: This is a done deal.)
  • Yang asks about youth sports and that new tournaments are incoming.
    • Staff says new regulations come in all the time and new tournaments are incoming but being overly cautious. 
  • Park asks for clarification in fees, are we using parks less?
    • Staff answers basically yes.
  • Park asks for a bit more clarification about why specifically the Walnut project was pushed back. 
    • Staff couldn’t do it in the planned timeline anyways due to third party involved.
    • For example, Edison doesn’t want tall light poles under electric lines, etc.
  • Park asks that if project is delayed then what happens to the extra saved Capital Improvement Project (CIP) money.
    • Staff says that the new 5 year CIP program will be produced to allocate for this. 
  • Johnson-Norris asks how Irvine’s athletic fees compare to other cities. 
    • Staff did a market survey when we proposed new fees to organizations, and it varies depending on what city and structure (some have hourly/per person)
    • our resident rate is below market, our non-resident rate is slightly higher than surrounding areas. 
    • Irvine is well below market in comparison to other cities.
    • Resident rates in other cities we were approx. $20-30 dollars per player where ours are $10.
  • Johnson-Norris motions to make an adjustment to the proposed fees. 
  • Keep the 50% discount to residents only and leave non-residents fees alone.
    • This motion is seconded by Genest

Adjustment and Recommended action carries 5-0



  • Johnson-Norris asks to agendize for the City Staff to present to the commission on what is Budget Equity and and what are Budget Based Equity Tools and how Irvine could benefit and implement it. 
    • Staff says the Mayor has a diversity taskforce and can agendize on their march 5th meeting.