Great Park Special Tax, Residents Task Force, and Development Updates on Great Park Board Agenda

Here are the highlights from tomorrow’s May 24, 2022 packed Great Park Board meeting agenda. The meeting will start at 3:00PM. The public can watch on YouTube or ICTV and submit public comments in person, via Zoom (audio only), e-Comment or email. For more info click here.


1.1 Great Park Community Facilities District (Special Tax) No. 2013-3

Will Great Park CFD-2013-3 paying residents get more clarity as to how their special taxes are being spent?


This item was first agendized by Councilmember Larry Agran on June 15, 2021. No other Councilmember seconded Agran’s Memo so it could not be placed on the agenda.

On June 27, 2021 Councilmembers Mike Carroll and Tammy Kim agendized the item on their own with a Memo that was nearly identical to Councilmember Agran’s. See Councilmember Agran’s website to see a comparison.

On July 29, 2021, the Great Park Board received a presentation. The presentation states, the Great Park CFD (Special Tax) was “created by election of landowner in 2013 and unanimously approved.” While the “development” and “enhanced maintenance” portion of the Special Tax expires after 40 years, the “basic maintenance” portion never ends. The Special Tax was meant to fund backbone infrastructure and maintenance.

In 2013, the Great Park “CFD No. 2013-3” Special Tax was unanimously approved by Steven Choi, Jeff Lalloway, Christina Shea, Larry Agran (Beth Krom absent).

Over the years, FivePoint, requested the issuance of several bonds to the Special Tax:

  • 2014 – $72.7 million to pay for the 726-homes in Pavilion Park and the facilities in Beacon Park
  • 2016 – $144 million to fund infrastructure at the development of the Great Park Neighborhoods
  • 2018 – $100 million for certain “backbone infrastructure”

Then in October 22, 2019, the Great Park Board approved additional CFD eligible facilities.  FivePoint asked that the USA Water Polo facility, indoor volleyball/basketball facilities, parking structure, and a list of other items be funded by the Special Tax — items that would have otherwise been funded by the developer.  FivePoint’s request was unanimously approved by Christina Shea, Farrah Khan, Anthony Kuo, Mike Carroll, Melissa Fox.

Special Tax CFD No. 2013-3 

The Special Tax term is perpetualthere is no end date for the special tax. But The 2021 presentation lists CFD alternatives:

  1. Builder / Developer fronts costs, build into the resale price (development)
  2. Assessment Districts (development and maintenance)
  3. City funds (development and maintenance)

This Tuesday, City Attorney Jeff Melching, at the request for Directors Carroll and Kim, will be presenting “a brief explanation and time-line on the formation of the Great Park CFD, the length of the Great Park CFD term as proposed and then ultimately approved its perpetual existence, use of funds, persons who conceived of and approved the Great Park CFD, and most importantly, how the perpetual Great Park CFD can be reduced or sun-setted to a set number of years.” A staff report was not provided.

For links to Minutes regarding the history of the Great Park Special Tax, click Why Property Taxes Are Significantly Higher in the Great Park Neighborhoods: CFD 2013-3. And It Doesn’t Sunset



3.1 Project Development Progress Report

Great Park Master Plan Update – anticipated Board review June/July 2022

  • Staff is developing an overall framework concept plan for the Great Park, including work on a Botanic Garden / Veteran’s Memorial Park on the ARDA site
    • Staff is also coordinating plans/projects for the Cultural Terrace, Northern Sector & Sports Park areas of the Great Park
    • Phasing plans & cost estimates are being refined
    • Assessment of development requirements also being completed
  • Public/Private Agreements
    • Great Park Ice – Lease
    • Wild Rivers – Lease
    • Pretend City – Predevelopment Agreement
    • Flying Leathernecks Aviation Museum – MOU
    • Fire Museum – Exclusive License Agreement
    • Major League Cricket – Exclusive Negotiation Agreement
    • LiveNation Amphitheater – Exclusive Negotiating Agreement

    • Wild Rivers Progress
      • Only photos were provided without any further detail.


3.2 Memorandum of Understanding between the Training and Education Command (TECOM) of the United States Marine Corps, The Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundations/Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum (FLHF/FLAM) and the City of Irvine

ACTION: Recommend that the City Council approve the Memorandum of Understanding between the Training and Education Command (TECOM) of the United States MarineCorps., the Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation/Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum (FLHF/FLAM) and the City of Irvine, and authorize the City Manager to execute the agreement attached to the staff report.


3.3 Consideration of a Request by Vice Chairman Carroll and Director Kim for the Formation of a Great Park Task Force  

ACTION: Board discussion and direction.

At the April 26, 2022 Great Park Board meeting, four Irvine residents who formed the Great Park Residents Council spoke on the need for representation. Listen to their public comments here. In response, Directors Mike Carroll and Tammy Kim placed on the agenda an item to create the formation of a Great Park Task Force. Per the staff report,

“The Great Park Task Force will consist of 15 members (three appointed by each City Councilmember), will meet monthly with the City Manager for a four-month period, and will return to the city Great Park Board and report its findings and recommendations presented by the City Manager.”