Hoag Hospital Irvine’s Expansion Plans

The proposed Hoag Hospital Irvine Expansion Project is appearing this week on both the Transportation Commission agenda (Item #3) and the Planning Commission agenda (Item #5).


Transportation Commission Meeting – Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 5:30PM
Staff Report
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Traffic Impact Analysis:

  1. The traffic study found that the first stage of the project would add 7,555 average daily trips and add 14,213 daily trips at build out.
  2. Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) analysis was found not to be applicable because the trip increase rate is lower than the level which triggers the need for VMT analysis.
  3. The traffic study found that there would no significant impact on traffic circulation with the exception of the I-405 freeway south Sand Canyon access ramps and thus recommended putting in extra ramp access lanes to and from the freeway to Sand Canyon.
  4. The traffic study further recommended that the project requirements include “fair share contributions” to the cost of traffic circulation improvements should the need arise.


Planning Commission Meeting – Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 5:30PM
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Project Description:

Expansion of Hoag Hospital located at Sand Canyon and Alton Parkway will be done in 2 stages; the first stage being completed in 2025 and the second stage being completed 10 to 15 years later.

    1. Hoag Hospital beds will be increased from 166 beds to 391 beds and will expand from 575,559 square feet to approximately 1,00,711 square feet which is 42,152 over entitlement square footage.
    2. The project would add 9 new hospital support facility buildings between 2 and 4 stories in size.
    3. Vehicular access will be located both on Sand Canyon and Alton and a new right turn only access un-signalized driveway will be located on Alton Parkway.
    4. There will be 1,993 parking spaces located in a 5 story parking lot and 25 surface area parking spaces.
    5. For access to the site by non-automotive means, the project design incorporates a continuous system of sidewalks within the project site and bicycle and pedestrian trails that connect to Irvine’s pedestrian and bicycle circulation network system.
    6. There will be bicycle racks and bicycle storage lockers.

Staff recommends approving the developer’s request to classify new square footage as Additive Density over the density cap for the planning area.

    1. Additive density is permitted for either dwelling units or increase in square footage for institutional uses. Hospitals are considered institutional uses.

Below are renderings of the existing campus site followed by the expansion master plan.