How to get public documents for Irvine campaign finance

City Hall

It’s not always easy to get information about what goes on in City Hall. But there are ways if you dig deep. Here’s how you can get public disclosures on campaign finance. We’ll use our search for backers of Measures C and D.  This link shows you who is the filer of the measure, who is contributing money and how much money is being spent.

Step 1

go to this site:

Step 2

You will see a blank form, with options to view by  name, committee ID or by filing date.

Go to“Search By Filing Date”option, and scroll to right to the calendar

Add May 4, 2018 to start date, and click “search”, this shows all forms filed since May 4.

Ignor the end date.

You are looking for form “497 and  1) “Taxpayers for Ethical Government” filed May 4 and 2) Irvine Education Guide” filed May 7.

Step 3

Scroll over to the right of whichever measure you want to view first,   you will see a pdf link, click on it, to open the pdf file. Voila!

Please look for another article in this website “Who are the PACs funding Yes on Measures C and D”.